The 9 Best Bill Me Later Stores No Credit Check

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Are you struggling to top up your savings account? Would you like to save up to 30% of your salary this month? Yes? It’s very easy if you’re seriously serious about it. You just need high self-discipline, proper motivation, and one or two bill me later stores no credit check you can count on.

Self-discipline will help protect you against impulse buying, whereas motivation keeps you focused on your goal. Then, bill me later stores (also known as lease-to-own companies) are what will improve your saving habit.

What Are The Best Bill Me Later Stores No Credit Check

In general, various lease-to-own stores have different interest rates, payment frequency, schedule plans, and eligibility requirements. Here are some of the best bill me later stores with no credit check or that you can apply with any credit score.

Is Bill Me later the same as PayPal Credit?

Bill Me later financing is no different from other buy now pay later catalogues. All revolve around a customer taking his or her purchases but settle the payments later in small installments over time.

Even so, you’ll come across various sources tying up Bill me later financing with PayPal. This is so as the online payments company used to have a credit line under the name before switching it to PayPal credit. Synchrony Bank is the lender in this case, but you’ll access the funds (if approved) in your PayPal account. So, it’ll now pop up as a payment option when checking out with PayPal.

Sad to say, though, you can only qualify for PayPal credit if you have a good credit score of between 650 and 700. That means Synchrony Bank will do check your credit report to determine your creditworthiness. But just like when opening a new account, the lender reviews your application and gives a verdict in a matter of seconds.

Bill Me Later Stores No Credit Check

Even so, the fact that PayPal bills me later payment do review your credit history means it won’t fit our “no credit check” policy. Thus, will notice the stores mentioned above have a different credit department that you can still apply with poor or bad record.

How To Improve Your Saving Habit With Bill Me Later Stores Financing

Shopping from bill me later stores is one of the easiest and convenient ways you can improve your saving habit and furnish your lifestyle at the same time. Of course, many people consider the form of payment for emergencies, but it can help you manage your income properly.

Think of it this way, your house needs a few kitchen appliances, smart TV, and maybe patio furniture. However, you still haven’t counted the expenses on food, clothing, rent, school fee, and transport if your office is a bit far from home. So, you might find that even the 3k salary you had high hopes isn’t enough for the lifestyle you want, leave alone for saving.

But with a convenient buy now pay later electronics store and another for furniture, you could fulfill your heart wishes and have some cash to save. Besides, you could even maximize the payment option to your advantage and strengthen your credit profile along the way using the small monthly charges.

The Best Bill Me Later Stores With No Credit Check Reviews

Here’s a brief of how the nine bill me now stores compare with each other. I’ve tried to include the key features, pros, and cons of each but you can click the embedded links to view the full details.

1. Best overall: Overstock Online Store

That’s right. is my number one recommendation if you need a reliable bill me later store. Not only does it work with no credit needed but also has a flexible payment frequency that you can decide between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

As a big-box store, Overstock stocks plenty of items ranging from appliances, electronics, clothing, furniture, and more. It also supports various payment options, including Overstock leasing program which has a standard 12-month payment schedule. Furthermore, the lease-to-own financing only requires a valid social security number and a few other information to determine your ability to settle payments on time.


  • It has access to plenty of brand-quality products
  • Can apply with bad or poor credit score
  • Straightforward to apply and quick to approve
  • Has free shipping to certain locations
  • It has friendly monthly rates and an auto-pay feature


  • It might ask for an initial payment (deposit)

2. Best of Food: Flava Supermarket Ltd

If you’re reading from the U.K, you can check out Flava Supermarket for amazing deals on groceries. It stocks many of the foods local stores have, including even big-name brands for pet food. So, you can stock up your cupboards in one go and at affordable rates.

Speaking of affordability, by the way, this food store does offer lease-to-own financing that you can pay off over one to four weeks. The Flava buy now pay later financing program doesn’t rely on traditional credit checks to assess eligibility. So, you can apply and get approved with even bad or no credit score.


  • It performs no credit check
  • Doesn’t charge interest or late fees
  • Stocks a full range of grocery products
  • Has flexible payment frequencies and rates
  • It’s easy to apply and high approval rate


  • It does charge fees for delivery
  • Stocks only cupboard staples

3. Best of Electronics: Kmart Big-box Retail Store

If you’re thinking to have the latest smart TV, home theater, or an electric car for your kid, Kmart does fit the department. It brings all the top electronic brands you love and will love to own, including LG, Samsung, Sony, Apple, and Microsoft. The products are available in varying pricing ranges and payment options.

If the paycheck hasn’t arrived yet, you can even opt for the Kmart lease-to-own plan, regardless of what your credit report says. The bill me later credit line requires no credit check and provides instant approval.


  • It has a wide array of products
  • Doesn’t need credit to apply
  • provides a flexible payment plan
  • It’s easy to compare lease payment rates


  • It might ask you to put money down
  • Charges up to $15 for late payments

4. Best of Mom Style: Glitzy Girlz Women’s Boutique

Although it operates from North Texas, Glitzy Girlz Boutique receives orders from all parts of the country. It deals with only women’s products, not limited to clothing, shoes, handbags, amongst other accessories. And the best part, you can load up your shopping cart with up to $1000-worth of your favorite brands but pay up later in installments.

However, the Glitzy Girlz Boutique installments plan is a product of the Afterpay financial company. So, can’t check out with the payment option when outside the U.S. But if you’re in the U.S., the lender doesn’t check credit history. So, you can qualify even when you have a zero or negative score on your report.


  • It has stylish and quality items
  • Offers secure transactions
  • Has affordable pricing and rates
  • Available to bad and poor credit


  • It requires a 25% down payment
  • Charges late payment fees

5. Best of Phones: Zebit Online Store is another amazing bill me later store that doesn’t rely on FICO score when leasing out its products. It features some wonderful deals on the latest Apple and Android smartphones, though you can also cart other home items.

The store operates as a lease-to-own business but you can still check out on full payments. Of course, you must register to know how much your product costs, but the rates are pretty friendly, plus you can get up to $2,500 financing. Even so, the amount limit on Zebit bill me later payment plan is likely to increase or decrease depending on your repayment behavior.


  • It has decent, brand-quality gadgets
  • Has easy application and fast approval
  • You can apply with even bad or poor credit
  • Doesn’t report payment history to bureaus
  • It has no hidden fees or harsh penalties


  • You must register to see product pricing
  • May need a down payment at checkout.

6. Best of Watches: The RealReal Fashion Company

Have you ever desired to own a luxury watch? Hublot? Rolex? Or will it be Cartier? The RealReal company deals with luxury fashion items, and not just jewelry but clothing, footwear, and accessories to match as well. You’ll find products for both genders, adults as well as kids. So, we could say it’s a one-stop fashion store, albeit relatively pricey.

But again, the price shouldn’t be that big deal as you can checkout your cart with RealReal special financing plan over three, six, or twelve months. And since the program is under Affirm company, you can apply with even a low credit score since there’s no minimum requirement.


  • It has elegant, high-quality watches
  • Includes no renewable annual fees
  • Accepts trade-in and resale
  • Supports automatic payments option
  • You can schedule your monthly payment
  • It includes flexible and convenient monthly rates


  • It reports active accounts to the credit bureau
  • Requires a down payment at checkout

7. Best of Men Style: Farfetch Online fashion Store

If you’ve been thinking to refresh your wardrobe, is a nice place to start. It has thousands of designer labels to choose from, including top names like Gucci, Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Valentino Garavani, and Alexander McQueen. The retailer has also brought together a wide range of products, not limited to clothing, shoes, sneakers, bags, accessories, and even watches.

Regardless, all these luxury brands cost a fortune, which is hard to settle for many average Americans. Nonetheless, this store supports up to twenty different payment methods, including Farfetch bill later plan with PayPal credit, Afterpay, and Klarna financing. So, you don’t need to be stressed that you don’t have enough cash to clear your bill or good credit to guarantee you a loan.


  • It stocks a variety of luxury fashion styles
  • Provides easy and secure transactions
  • Features a desirable return policy
  • Has a neat and easy to navigate website
  • You can shop with Klarna or PayPal credit


  • The shipping fees are a bit high
  • Lacks monthly installments transparency

8. Best of Vintage Style: Etsy Online Store

Etsy is an excellent example if you would love to add your house with some moments of the olden days. It’s more like a community marketplace to connect a merchant to his clients, though in trade of vintage or handmade items. That means the store also has a wide range of product departments and thousands of products to browse through.

More on that, you can get your desired item at a generous budget that you can pay without needing special financing. But if the total amount is still higher than planned, you can check out with Etsy installments financing under klarna. The financial company guarantees up to $10,000-worth purchases but you’ll likely get less than that if you’re a new subscriber.


  • It’s easy to checkout
  • Has instant approval
  • Features no hidden fees
  • Sells a variety of items
  • Some items have free shipping


  • It has late payment fees
  • Requires an initial payment when shipping

9. Best of Plus Size Style: Sealed With a Kiss Designs

Sealed With A Kiss Designs, or simply Swak is yet another retailer that you can try for clothing. However, it only deals with women’s plus-size fashion. Thus may not be the best idea if shopping for a slim body shape or else something like sleepwear or even shoes.

Regardless, the size plus products are available in different styles and designs, including flirty dresses and jumpsuits. The store also does stock flattering cardigans and tops that you can match with your casual or even formal style.

Furthermore, the retailer has a lease-to-own plan that allows you to load up your cart and split the cost into four installments. The Swak Designs shop now pay later checkout option is with Afterpay financial platform. So, no external credit checks or annual fees to worry about it.


  • It has high approval rates
  • Includes no hidden fees
  • Supports automatic payments
  • Has flexible and affordable plans
  • You can change the due date of a payment


  • It might require a deposit at checkout
  • Has late payment penalty fees

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we can all agree that bill me later stores with no credit check are worth every dime. They not only make seemingly expensive products affordable but also help you get the stuff you want without impacting your monthly bills significantly. If it’s a store like, Progressive Leasing, the financing company, spreads out your total purchase amount for 12 to 36 months.

As you pick your leasing retailer, however, I would recommend you check and recheck the terms and conditions on the credit line. A lender can claim not checking credit history but then impose some ridiculous penalties. Sometimes it’s no one’s fault to be late or miss settling the payment charges that were agreed on. That’s why stores like Zebit charge late fees and others like RealReal Company allow you to reschedule your payment due date.

Another thing, consider enabling an automatic payment feature if you tend to forget to pay your installments. That way, the leasing company will just deduct the agreed charges from the linked account or card when the day comes.

In any case, I hope you found the article helpful and with a suitable solution. If you were looking for the Bill me later plan by PayPal, the credit line couldn’t fit my “no credit check” policy. So, it will be a topic of another day when covering bill me later stores with a good credit score.