The 10 Best Buy Now Pay Later Car Parts No Credit Check Centers

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Do you have a wrecked car in your garage? Would you like to restore it without having to wait on your insurance company? If yes, then this must be your lucky moment as this topic is all about car owners in a situation like yours. In the article, I’ve brought together various auto repair centers with buy now pay later car parts no credit check financing.

Needless to say, my research has led me to over fifty well-known dealers, which is more than with most of my bill me later stores searches. So, I’ll also take back my previous statement that buy now pay later electronics stores are the easiest to find.

In any case, we all know new car spare parts can be very expensive, and also millions of Americans own cars. In fact, Hedges & Company claim that about 289 million vehicles have been registered here in the U.S. until 2021. Thus, it should be clear now why there are so many auto repair and maintenance centers (over 230K) across the country.

What’s The Best Buy Now Pay Later Car Parts No Credit Check Auto Shop?

In my opinion, Custom Offsets is the best auto shop to get buy now pay later car parts with no credit required. It gives financing to even those with bad credit or a bankruptcy, plus has about everything to customize your ride.

Other auto repair centers you can get financing in case Custom Offsets don’t have the car components you need are:

Should You Buy Car Parts Online?

You probably have or heard your friends talk about the great deals they got from consumer stores like Amazon or even providers of free cell phone service like Cintex Wireless. However, are these great deals worth it when it comes to buying auto parts, especially online?

Well, in my observation, local stores are the best way to shop for your car’s spare parts. However, many of these stores have come online as well. So, you can easily check the availability of your product before you can visit the facility in person. Or would you prefer to drive over forty or even twenty miles to an auto shop all for nothing?

Comparing the Features, Pros, and Cons of the various Buy Now Pay later car parts Auto Shops

BNPL Online Store Third-Party Lender Down Payment Payment Frequency
Zebit Market N/A YES
(25% of total)
Hard Park Pro Car Parts Shop Affirm
(25% of total)
Import Image Racing Store Affirm
Weekly or Monthly
Drive-In Auto Sound Store Affirm
NO Weekly or Monthly
Rough Country Auto Store Affirm YES
Progressive Parts™ Ltd. Klarna YES
(as initial payment)
Vibe Motorsports Auto Shop Snap! N/A
BB Wheels Online Store Affirm
Subimods Subaru Parts Company Affirm
PayPal Credit
Weekly or Monthly
Fitment Industries Store Affirm
PayPal Credit
(as initial payment)

Here’s a detailed review of some of the auto maintenance centers where you can get financing with no credit needed.

1. Custom Offsets Garage

As was mentioned, Custom Offsets’ my first recommendation if you’re looking for buy now pay later car parts financing. It has the best customer reviews on Google and the highest rating on various Social media sites. So, we can say it’s everyone who visits drives back home smiling.

The auto Shop deals with all car problems, including the wheels, suspension, and performance. It also cares about all types of automobiles, as well as makes. And in case there’s no enough cash to shop around, you can check out the Custom Offsets build now pay later program.


  • It supports multiple financing options
  • Has a wide variety of items to choose
  • Accepts early lease purchase option
  • Offers free deliveries and mounting
  • No credit is required to apply for financing
  • It offers both in-store and online services


  • It doesn’t show Katapult financing rates
  • Katapult service unavailable in Minnesota

2. Hard Park Pro Car Parts Shop

Although I don’t expect you to lack a maintenance budget if you own a Lamborghini, this store might come in handy if in financial hardship. It stocks parts of about any luxury car, including

Lamborghini, GTR Nissan, Carrera Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, and more.
The company also deals with all car problems, be it engine, wheels, suspension, Nitrous, dynamics, or body. It also has multiple payment options, including special Hard Park Pro financing with Affirm, Katapult, or PayPal Credit.


  • It doesn’t require credit to use
  • Has both in-store and online services
  • Stocks a range of brand-quality parts
  • Features an intuitive, easy-to-use site
  • Has multiple financing options
  • It gives a discount on an early lease buyout


  • It requires an initial payment at checkout
  • Lacks leasing payments transparency

3. Import Image Racing Parts Store

If you’re looking for an affordable financing partner, the IIR store might suit your needs. It’s yet another amazing provider you can shop online and visit their warehouse to pick up and confirm your car parts. You’ll also find about all your car performance needs, regardless of the make or model.

Furthermore, you can check out your purchases with IIR financing, which you can choose between six lending partners. That includes Acima and Katapult, both of which don’t require a credit history to apply. So, you can even qualify with a low FICO score or even bad credit.


  • It’s very affordable
  • Has an extensive inventory
  • Stocks quality, branded car parts
  • Can get financing with bad credit
  • It’s easy to apply and quick to approve


  • It has a limited local pick up points
  • Requires an initial payment at checkout

4. Drive-In Auto Sound Store

Are you planning to pimp your ride with quality stereo, this is the best on my list. Just as the name advertises, the Colorado company deals with mostly car audio, something they have been doing for over fifty years now.

Another thing, you’ll find all top brands of sound systems, not limited to JBL, Pioneer, Kenwood, JL Audio, and hundreds of others. It also offers after-sale services like installation, which, by the way, they give with a “clean car” promise. Then, best of all, you can checkout with Drive-in Autosound buy now pay over time option if you don’t have enough money.


  • It doesn’t require credit to apply
  • Has various financing partners
  • Stocks high-quality branded systems
  • Supports online and in-store purchases
  • It guarantees free lifetime re-installation


  • It has pickup points in only Colorado
  • Requires initial payment at checkout

5. Subimods Subaru Parts Company

Are you looking for spare parts for a Subaru car? You can check out Subimods online store or visit their local store and see whether they can solve your car’s issue. Since 2007, the company has specialized in Subaru aftermarket parts, all from industry leading manufacturers like BC Racing, CUSCO, and others.

More on that, the local dealer supports multiple payment options, including a buy now pay later plan. The Subimods financing option is under various firms, namely Katapult, Sezzle, Klarna, PayPal Credit, and Affirm. And since some require no credit to use, you don’t have to worry about your past credit challenges.


  • It has reasonable pricing
  • Includes multiple financing options
  • Has an extensive car parts inventory
  • Accepts in-store pickup and door delivers
  • It finances bad credit and low FICO score too


  • It doesn’t display leasing payments plans
  • May ask for a down payment

6. Vibe Motorsports Auto Shop

Last but not least is yet another auto shop you can get buy now pay later car parts with no credit required. It also has high recommendations on Google and social medial, all thanks to this Vibe Motorsports financing program and great pricing.

The auto maintenance center also deals with a range of products from all categories, including performance, wheels, exterior, and interior areas. Needless to say, the latter’s the main reason I’ve listed it here, in particular, for the seats and set covers.


  • It offers generous prices
  • Has well-made, elegant seats and covers
  • Accepts in-store pickup and home deliveries
  • Provides free shipping in the continental USA
  • It gives financing for bad credit and a low FICO score


  • It requires a checking account to use
  • You can’t build credit with them directly

Common Related Questions

Does AutoZone do Afterpay?

AutoZone Autoparts is one of the most-talked-about car maintenance centers here in the United. It has at least twenty local shops distributed across the country, including Puerto Rico, Florida, and also Yucatan, Mexico. Also, the company has special financing with PayPal Credit, whereby you can split the cost into four payments or over six months. However, AutoZone doesn’t do Afterpay financing. So, you can’t finance with a poor credit score or bad credit.

Does QuadPay do a credit check?

Quadpay is a leading financial platform, whereby you can finance your purchases from thousands of stores here in the US. It doesn’t run a hard credit check but they may perform a soft pull, which has no effect on your credit report. Advance Auto Parts is one of the best car maintenance centers you can pay with Quadpay.

Can I finance auto parts?

Yes, you can finance auto parts if you don’t enough funds to pay for your purchases outright. Some of the auto shops you can buy now pay later car parts with bad credit include Custom Offsets, Hard Park Pro, Import Image Racing, Drive-In Auto Sound and Subimods Subaru Parts Company.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, you necessarily don’t need to have the funds or even a perfect FICO score report to build your automobile. Many auto repair centers have partnered with various digital lending platforms, whereby you can spread the shopping cost into small affordable fees. The Custom Offsets and Drive-In Auto Sound are two great examples and my two top picks as they don’t require credit to use.

Needless to say, I don’t need to remind you that buy now pay later car parts financing is still a loan of a kind. So, make sure you have enough and stable income to always remain on time with payments.