How to Transfer Service from One MetroPCS Phone to another Online For Free

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Are you an existing MetroPCS customer? Would you like to replace or upgrade your current device with a new one? If the answer is yes, this post will be covering everything you need to know on how to transfer service from one MetroPCS phone to another online. It’s easy, fun, and also you can save the $20+ that the Metro agent will ask when you call or visit their store on the issue.

Note: MetroPCS, or rather Metro by T-Mobile (as it’s called today), has an ongoing limited-time offer for new and existing users. The offer includes a full rebate off the original price of your desired latest iPhone or Android device. So, you can take advantage of it and upgrade to even a 5G capable device at $0.

About MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) Policy

Like other carriers, MetroPCS likes it most when the subscribers use their dedicated phones. However, the provider uses GSM technology, which means you can use your line with any unlocked cell phone. Of course, the policy has its limitations, but it’s much better than those carriers who don’t support it.

For instance, Assurance Wireless, one of the best providers of free cell phone service for life unlimited everything, doesn’t have a BYOP option. So, you have to stick to the phones they provide, which, to be fair, are cheap and sometimes outdated. But, anyway, the lifeline assistance program comes at no cost. So, you have to abide by the provider’s rules.

As for the Metro by T-Mobile, it’s a prepaid service and a good one for those of us who can’t afford Verizon. The latter, no doubt, has a better network quality and more extra perks, but its plans are relatively expensive, especially if you have only one or two lines.

Anyway, back to MetroPCS BYOP policy, you could also save a few bucks on the unlimited plans if the provider accepts your device. But again, how does the operator choose the right phones for their service? Is it by the type of phone, brand, or year of release?

Factors To Consider When Transferring Service From One MetroPCS Phone To Another

To begin with, it doesn’t matter if you have a smartphone or basic flip phone when it comes to using MetroPCS. The year the phone came out is also not important, though there are speculations that T-Mobile, which hosts Metro, will be retiring some of its network bands.

According to a recent T-MO Report, T-Mobile will be shutting down its 3G UMTS and 2G GSM services in October 2021 and December 2022 respectively. In a nutshell, this means you won’t be able to use devices (from even MetroPCS) that are not compatible with the network bands above these two.

In any case, the four key things you’ll need to successfully transfer service from one MetroPCS phone to another are:

  • Carrier unlocked phone: Put simply, you can’t transfer your Metro line service to a device that’s locked to another service. If the phone’s yours and, perhaps, you’re switching from another carrier, you’ll need to get it unlocked and ready to use.
  • Network compatibility: Other than an unlocked carrier, your new phone will also need to be compatible with Metro firmware and frequency bands. You can precheck the IMEI number on the Metro by T-Mobile Compatibility checker.
  • SIM card Compatibility: if you have been using your MetroPCS service before 2012, you probably have the standard SIM. However, many of the latest smartphones are using the Nano-SIM. So, you might need to order the Metro Universal SIM card kit, which usually includes a Nano SIM card and adapters for Micro and Standard SIM cards.
  • SIM/ ICCID number: this is the unique identity number of the SIM card you want to transfer to the new phone. It’s usually 19 or 20 digits, usually printed on the back of the card.
  • A working Metro phone: when switching your Metro phones, you’ll need a working phone that can also browse or make calls. While you can use any phone, I would recommend the one you want to move the MetroPCS service.

How to Transfer Service from one MetroPCS phone to Another Online

Overall, transferring service from one MetroPCS phone to another online is the easiest and sure to succeed. Also, you won’t need to call any service number and you can activate your new phone at any time of the day for free.

Here’s a breakdown of all the steps that you’ll need to successfully transfer your MetroPCS service.

Step 1: Back Up your data

In this part, the idea is to transfer your data and settings to the new phone from the old one. The way you go about will vary with the type of phone you have at hand.

If it’s switching from Android to Android, you can backup the data to your Google Drive. Then, you can consider iCloud or iTunes if you’ll be using both Android phones.

In case you’re switching from iPhone to Android, or vice versa, you’ll need to install the Google Drive app on your iPhone. It’s totally free but you can upgrade for more space as per your needs demands.

Note: you can also skip this step if you’re okay to start everything from the scratch on your new phone.

Step 2: Get your device IMEI Number

After backing up your data, you’ll now need to find the ID number (IMEI) of your new phone. There are three different ways you can go around that. In the first one, you can check at the back of the phone underneath the battery.

If the phone you want to use is one of the latest models with a non-removable battery, you can dial *#06# to get the IMEI number. Alternatively, you can check “About Phone” details under the settings.

Step 3 Power Off the New Phone

After checking your phone identity number, power it off until the last step (7). This will help ensure a complete and successful transfer. Thus, avoiding issues like not being able to call out as some customers.

Step 4: Log in to your MetroPCS Account

Next, you’ll need to log in to your Metro account while using your phone number (that you want to transfer) and PIN. If the details are correct, the link will redirect you to the account dashboard with all your line information. This includes how much data is remaining and when your next payment is scheduled to renew.

Next to the “current Data Usage”, you’ll notice the details of the current phone that you’re using with that Metro line you want to transfer. Click the Upgrade button.

Step 5: Check your device compatibility

After clicking the Upgrade button, the link will redirect you to another page where you’ll need to enter the IMEI from Step (2). Enter the number (should be between 14-18 digits) in the input box shown, then click the “check” button.

Step 6: Check Your SIM Identity

If the new phone is compatible with the Metro By T-Mobile service, another input box will appear on the right side. The box requires you to enter the ICCID number of the SIM card you want to transfer on the replacement/ upgrade phone.

If you’ll be using the same old SIM card, you’ll need to enter its 19-digit number, followed by a capital F (e.g. 1234567890123456789F).

Alternatively, you can use the new SIM card that came with the new phone if you received it from Metro. You just need to enter the ICCID number of the new SIM card, followed by a capital F as well. Then, click the “Check” button.

Step 7: Confirm the Phone Transfer

Once you check the SIM ID number, a bold “Confirm” button will appear at the bottom. And after clicking, it will take you to the confirmation page, where you’ll now see the device that you have just transferred your MetroPCS service.

You’ll notice the service on the previous (old) device disconnects. So, you can now remove the SIM card from there, put in the new phone, and switch it on.

How to Transfer Service From One MetroPCS Phone to Another Offline

In this method, you should be able to transfer service from your old MetroPCS phone to the new one without using the internet. It can come in handy in case you don’t have internet or the online method fails (very rare).

For the method to work, you’ll need to have the IMEI of the new number, the security PIN of your Metro account (eight digits), and an active/ working MetroPCS phone.

Once you have the three, you can now use the working Metro phone to call the customer service number: *228. Then, follow the automated voice instructions until the end.


As you can see, it’s very easy to transfer service from one MetroPCS phone to another by yourself. It’s not only fun, but also you can save over twenty bucks that the Metro agent will ask when you call them or visit their local store.

Between the online and offline methods, however, I prefer the former as it’s the one the Metro representatives will use when you call or visit them. So, there’s a 99.99% guarantee that your service transfer will be successful.

As for those who are unable to succeed, chances are that they forgot to add the capital F when inputting the SIM/ ICCID number. So, don’t forget.