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Online shopping has been a big part of our lives. And just like walking into a store for the first time, you need to know more information before you make your first purchase. That is where eTechzones come into play. We provide you everything you need to know, especially the best features and offers available in the market nowadays.

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Our growing team of expert advisors includes retired Tech Industries, Private Investigators, Finance, and other Marketing professionals. Collectively, our team has 10+ years of experience in law enforcement and marketing, making us the most qualified panel of marketing experts in the industry.

When you read our research and resources, you are reading the most trusted, up-to-date, and professional advice and recommendations available.

Tom Brant,

Senior editor of eTech Zones

Tom is a journalist with 5 years of experience in the tech industry. In the past, she has written for websites like NightMare, SquareFoot, and Degreed. Previously, He has worked as a research assistant at the Luse Institute for Investigative Journalism. He’s excited to combine her research and journalism skills with her love of all things tech.

Angela Moscaritolo: Senior Analyst

Angela Moscaritolo is a professional writer and editor living in the California area. As a former Producer at a USAToday network newspaper in New York, Angela’s background lends well to writing and publishing different types of reviews and comprehensive guides that empower people to stay safe and secure in a rapidly changing world. After leaving USAToday, Angela started a copywriting agency which led him to writing for 20+ clients across dozens of industries.

Andrew Garcia

Editor and Videographer

Originally from a suburb of Andrew Garcia has been a videographer and editor for 6 years. Previously, he’s done product reviews for activewear and political videos- in his spare time he even edits a political podcast. When he’s not filming and editing videos for eTech Zones, Corey loves to run and spend time with his friends and family.

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