The 7 Best Easy Wireless Compatible phones in 2023

Easy Wireless Compatible phones

Easy Wireless is yet another of the many lifeline providers you can get free cell phone service without paying anything. But is the program worth it? If Yes, what phones are compatible with Easy Wireless that I can use with my service without issues? First, Easy Wireless is not what we’d consider a famous Lifeline …

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Mint Mobile Reviews: Pricing, Data Speeds, Coverage in 2023

Mint Mobile reviews

Are you looking for an affordable cell phone service? And with decent browsing data speeds? When you go through the Mint Mobile reviews online, you’ll notice these are the top-selling features of the mobile virtual network operator. But is the phone service still worth it? Yeah, well, the effectiveness of any cell phone service usually …

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You Should Know About The Free Government Phone Florida Program

Free Government Phone Florida

Many non-locals from afar automatically assume that Florida is just for the elite. But behind the glamorous beach resorts and amusement parks, many residents are still going through hardship. The latest statistics estimate 2.5% of the total population doesn’t have employment. Hence, why the free government phone Florida programs have relatively more enrollments than most …

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A Guide to the Best Free Cell Phone for Seniors and Disabled In 2023

Free Cell Phone for Seniors and Disabled

Is it a must you have money to own and use a phone? I’m not so sure about other countries, but here in the U.S., you can get a free cell phone for seniors and disabled on various networks. Well, yeah, I’m not referring to the usual carriers like Verizon that only give free phones …

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The Best Free Android and Apple Phones for Seniors on Social Security Benefits

free phones for seniors on Social Security

In 2021, 60+ million Americans received Social Security benefits, amounting to over one trillion dollars. The said benefits were approximately $1,555 per month for the retired workers. And since the retirees largely comprise the elderly age 65 or over, they also qualify for free phones for seniors on Social Security through the various lifeline providers. …

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