How to Get a Spectrum Discount for New Customers Every Year

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Would you like a free internet service from a premium provider? What about some neat tricks to save on your premium connectivity bills for a lifetime? Spectrum is one of the service providers to consider when looking for a budget internet or phone plan. This post answers your question on how to get a Spectrum discount from both services every year.

I have been going through Spectrum Mobile for a while, and I must say it’s one of the best with deals. Unlike its competitors that only have deals when new, Spectrum has them every year. You just need to know the tricks to get them-  don’t say you learned from me.

Get A Spectrum Discount On Internet and Mobile Service

Spectrum is one of the service providers that bring you a full package of broadband connectivity. It has internet service with broadband plans through Cable and fiber technologies.

In the last quarter of 2023, Spectrum reported to have 30.6 million subscribers of residential and SMB (small and medium businesses) internet. That’s over 300,000 new customers when compared to the last quarter of 2022, which had closed with a total of 30.3 million subscribers.

The increase in subscribers automatically means people are finding Spectrum Internet convenient and reliable. One of the reasons for this may be the updated data speeds, now starting at 300Mbps instead of 200Mbps. The next broadband plan is 500Mbps (instead of 400Mbps), followed by the premium 1Gbps.

Besides the improved data speeds, Spectrum has also added a few other perks to its broadband plans. Some of the perks are:

  • Visa Rewards Card
  • Free Disney+ subscription
  • FREE Xumo Box for Live TV and streaming apps

Despite the few positive changes, Spectrum Internet lists the same prices they used to have with slower internet plans. They are the “old” prices I highlighted in the Spectrum vs Frontier review.

Changes to Spectrum Mobile Phone Plans

I like to consider Spectrum Mobile yet new on the cell phone service. Of course, it still has a history of cellular service when it operated as Charter Communications.

However, Spectrum Mobile is turning out to be the most successful mobile phone service of Charter. In the last quarter of 2023, the company recorded 7.2 million mobile lines. That’s more than 2 million new mobile lines when we compare with the results of 2022.

Spectrum Discount for New Customers

When applying to join, Spectrum Mobile requires an active Internet subscription to qualify. The reason for this is that they offer it at discounted prices of $14, $29.99, and $39.99 for a single line each month.

Recently, Spectrum has revised the plans for its phone service. The unlimited plan is now $29.99 for a single line ($15/ line for two lines) with 30GB of high-speed data. Then, Unlimited Plus is $39.99 for a single line ($25/ line for two lines) with 50GB of data before throttling.  

Even better, Spectrum has added a few other perks to enjoy with your phone plans, including:

  • Free global texting to and from everywhere
  • Free roaming in Mexico and Canada (with 5GB data)
  • More competitive international roaming rates

How to Get a Spectrum Discount on the Internet

There are various ways to enjoy a discount on Spectrum Internet. They include:

Get a $500 Spectrum Discount on Your Old Contract

Well, yeah, you can get a Spectrum discount even before joining. The Spectrum Contract buyout discount (as we call it) aims to help settle the early termination fees with your current provider.

In the Contract buyout, Spectrum gives you a discount of up to $500 to settle that outstanding bill. The type of discount is a one-time thing that only covers the early termination fees of internet service. So, don’t expect to get it if the contract holding you back is with a cell phone program (on postpaid).

To get a Spectrum discount on a contract buyout, you only need to apply for a qualifying Spectrum Internet. Then, fill out the Contract Buyout form– which requires signing in to your Spectrum service account.

Get a $100 Spectrum Discount of Visa Rewards Card

Spectrum is no new at limited-timed gift discounts. It frequently has gifts you can use for specific purchases, and other times anything you want.

As of this moment, you can get a $100 Visa Rewards card when you apply for an eligible Spectrum Internet plan. The Spectrum internet plans eligible for the Rewards card are:

  1. Internet 300Mbps plan
  2. Internet Ultra (500Mbps) plan
  3. Internet Gig (1Gbps) plan

Before you can get a Spectrum discount on a Visa Rewards card, you’ll need to install any of the eligible internet plans above. Then, wait 8-12 weeks for the discount to process.

During this waiting period, your Spectrum account should be in good standing and the Autopay enabled.

Get a Full Spectrum Discount on the Internet 100 Plan

Spectrum is one of the fixed broadband providers you can get free unlimited internet from the government. The discount is part of the ongoing affordable connectivity program (ACP).

In case you don’t know, the government created ACP in 2021 to help struggling families afford internet service. The broadband benefit offers eligible families a monthly subsidy of $30/ month ($75 if on tribal lands).

If you redeem the ACP subsidy with the Spectrum Internet 100 plan, your monthly service can be 100% free. After all, this plan costs $29.99, equivalent to the amount of the government discount.

To get the ACP discount with the Spectrum Internet, go to online  ACP enrollment form  and use the onscreen instructions to apply.

Note: The Spectrum Internet plans always start with an introductory price for the first year. After 12 months, your bill will revert to the regular price, which you may notice increasing by some dollars every year.

After the promotional year, Spectrum Internet 100 has a regular price of $59.99 ($29.99 with ACP). However, some people continue to get the Internet 100 for Free through the Spectrum Community Services with HOA.

If your building doesn’t have HOA offers, you could still get free Internet through retention service, as we shall see shortly.

Get Spectrum Discount from Government on Other Plans

Besides the Internet 100, you can also get a $30 discount from the government on the other Spectrum Internet plans. That includes the Internet 300, Internet Ultra 500, and Internet Gig plans.

However, the broadband plans are slightly pricier, such that the ACP discount only gives you a partial savings/ month:

Promotional Price (before ACP)Promotional Price (after ACP)Regular Price (before ACP)Regular Price (after ACP)
Internet 100$29.99$0.00$59.99$29.99
Internet 300$49.99$19.99$79.99$49.99
Internet Ultra$69.99$39.99$99.99$69.99
Internet Gig$89.99$59.99$119.99$89.99

To get an ACP discount with the Spectrum Internet 300, Ultra, and Gig broadband plans, visit online  ACP enrollment form and use the onscreen instructions to apply.

Get Spectrum Discount with Internet Assist

Spectrum Internet Assist is another type of discount you can get on broadband if on a low income. The program offers all eligible consumers a fixed internet of up to 30Mbps for only $19.99/ month.

Eligibility requirements for the discount with Spectrum Internet Assist are:

  1. Students in the National School Lunch Program (NSL)
  2. Supplemental Security Income for seniors aged 65 and above
  3. Students on the National School Lunch Program through Community Eligibility Provision

If you or someone in your household meets use either of the programs above, go to the Spectrum Internet Assist form. Then, fill in all your details, upload the necessary proof of eligibility, and finally “Submit”.

Get a Spectrum Discount with “Retention Benefits”

As I mentioned, the prices Spectrum has on the internet plans online are promotional rates. The promotional prices are for the first year of service- sometimes two years.

After the promotional year/s, your Spectrum internet plan usually reverts to the regular prices. Spectrum never displays these prices. So, you’ll only get a surprise email about the price change.

Something many people don’t know is that you can continue paying the promotional prices of new customers as an existing customer. The trick here is usually to “trick” Spectrum you want to cancel your service.

To do that:

  1. Contact the Spectrum support team at 833-267-6094
  2. If you get hold of a customer agent, request to be transferred to the “Retention” department. The agent may refuse at first. Some will even say there’s nothing like the Retention department.
  3. Once you connect to Retention, say you wish to cancel your service as the bill has become too high. (Be sweet when you talk with the agent, and ONLY Stick with the problem being HIGH COST. Mention a cheaper alternative internet provider in your area).
  4. For a rational retention agent, you will end up cutting your bill by half and revert to the promotional price. The new promotional pricing will be for a whole year or two years.


When you call the Spectrum customer support number, you can also say “Disconnect” at the automated prompt. If lucky, this option can connect you directly to the retention department without involving a customer representative.

The sole purpose of Spectrum Retention department is to make sure customers never leave. A staunch agent will try everything to keep you, which includes retaining you to the promotional pricing of new customers.

Sometimes the Spectrum retention agent will even tell you to call again when your new promotional discount is about to end. So, you can continue doing this for years without ever paying the high regular fees.

Other Discounts You Can Get with Spectrum Internet

Get a Spectrum Discount on Modem

As you join, Spectrum has been generous enough to give you an equipment discount for your internet. The equipment discount you get is a free modem to set up your connectivity.

If with your own router, that means you never have equipment fees to worry about. But for those without their router, you can pay $5/ month to get both the Free modem and WiFi router.

Get a Spectrum Discount of Free Security Suite

Spectrum also gives you a full discount on antivirus security packages for your internet. The internet security package you get can cover up to 10 computers, protecting them from malware, spyware, and related viruses.

Get a Spectrum Discount on a Free Unlimited Phone Plan

No more partial discounts on mobile phone plans. At the time of writing, you can get a full discount on Spectrum Mobile’s unlimited phone plan when you install the internet. The phone plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data (starts with 30GB of high-speed data, then drops to slower speeds the rest of the month).

Sadly, you can only get Spectrum Discount of a free phone plan with an eligible Internet package. The eligible broadband plans are the Internet 300Mbps, Ultra 500Mbps, and Gig 1000Mbps.

No luck with the lower plans, Spectrum Internet Assist or Internet 100 plan.

Note: the Spectrum discount of the free unlimited phone plan is only valid for the first promotional year. But when you use the trick of retention discount I mentioned earlier, it can include the free unlimited phone plan.

Get a Spectrum Discount of Free Entertainment

Last but not least, you can get a discount on Disney+ with your Spectrum Internet subscription. It’s a full discount, as you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Disney+ for free, albeit with ads.

To get the Spectrum discount of Disney+, you only need to bundle your internet plan with a TV package.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the Cheapest Spectrum Internet plan?

If we’re covering all bases, the cheapest Spectrum internet plan is the Internet 100 (with 100Mbps) at $0. The internet plan is $0 when you redeem the $30 subsidy of the ACP program from the government.

If ineligible for the ACP program, Spectrum has its own Internet Assist program for students and seniors. The program brings you a cheap broadband connection at $ 19.99/ month.

Why is my Spectrum internet renewal more expensive?

As a subscriber, your Spectrum internet can get more expensive after finishing your promotional period. All the plans Spectrum had listed on their website are on an introductory price that often lasts a year (or two years).

After the promotional year/s, your Spectrum Internet subscription will revert to the regular cost, which is often $30 more.

Is the No Cost Spectrum Internet offer advertised online real?

Yes, the No Cost Spectrum Internet listed online is real. It’s on the Spectrum Internet 100, which has an initial cost of $29.99. But when you add the $30 discount from the ACP program, the cost evens out to $0.00.

Can I negotiate with Spectrum to keep the cheap promotional internet prices?

A lot of people don’t know this, but you can negotiate with Spectrum to keep your internet plan at the promotional price. I have heard some friends claim they have been doing this for years.

To keep your Spectrum Internet at the promotional price, you only need to call the customer support number. Then, have the customer rep (or automated bot) transfer you to the retention center.

It’s only an agent from the Spectrum Retention department can adjust the pricing of your Internet from the regular to the promotional rates for new customers. The standard customer rep agent can’t adjust your prices.