The 9 Best Verizon iPhone Deals for Existing Customers In 2024

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Are you looking for a decent and affordable iPhone? Or would you like to upgrade to a 5g-capable iPhone 12 but don’t have all the cash? If this feels like your kind of situation right now, I’ve put together some amazing Verizon iPhone deals for existing customers that you can check out today.

Yes, indeed, you heard that right. In our list of phone companies that give free phones when you switch, Verizon is the only one with a free iPhone for existing customers. And the best part, you necessarily don’t need a trade-in phone.

What’s The Best Verizon iPhone Deal for Existing Customers

Basically, “best” is a relative term that each of us will interpret in our own way. But then, Verizon has put together its phone deals in a way that fits almost all situations.

That includes those customers who wish to upgrade to a decent 4G LTE phone but don’t have the upfront payments to do so. Or if you’d like to upgrade your two lines to a 5G network but only has a price for one device.

Important Notes:

Here at Etechzones, my goal is to always present you with the most current information possible. If it’s like our Verizon, you’ll notice the iPhone 12 Mini didn’t make it on the list. The previous freebie and $600 off deals for postpaid users have just ended and Verizon is yet to initiate another one.

What to Know about the Verizon iPhone Deals for Existing Customers?

The question that’s probably in your mind right now is whether the Verizon iPhone deals are exactly real or not. And, of course, it’s okay to be paranoid than rush to a seemingly amazing freebie that leaves you with hefty charges.

In any case, Verizon usually has some of the best phone promotions that you can get as freebies, partial discounts, BOGO, or trade-ins. Our deals of iPhones for existing customers also fall in either of these four categories, and the qualification requirements vary.

Verizon iPhone Deals with Online Freebies

Overall, this is the cheapest way to upgrade your old device. In the category, Verizon usually offers the phones at absolutely no cost ($0.00/ mo.), thereby saving you over $600 that you’d have spent on purchasing the respective device.

Even so, the Verizon online free phone deals still have some requirements you need to certify to qualify. The first requirement is that you must add a new line to your existing account.

Secondly, you’ll need to activate that new line on any of the unlimited postpaid plans. Then, retain it on that plan until all the promo credits have been given- usually over 24 or 36 months.

In other words, what you should know is that Verizon allows you to check out the promo device on a payment plan at $0.00. However, the savings will still appear on your bill in the form of monthly credits that represent the amount you’d have been paying on the device.

For example, Verizon usually offers the Apple iPhone 11 Pro w/ 512GB at $18.33/ mo. over 36 months. So, on the free online deal, your monthly bill will show “Device Promo” credits as $18.33.

If, by chance, you go against the deal’s requirements- perhaps cancel service or change to a non-qualifying plan, the promo credits immediately stop. Then, you’ll have to pay the balance that may have been remaining on your device payment agreement.

Verizon iPhone Deals for Existing Customers

Verizon iPhone Deals with BOGO program

Technically, BOGO is an acronym for Buy One Get One free device deals. And yes, Verizon does have a promotional offer on various Apple phones, including the latest iPhone 13 series.

As for the catch, the Verizon BOGO deals require that you “pay for both phones with device payments”. But at the same time, you’ll receive the promo credit that will completely offset the supposedly monthly payment for the “get one” device.

In other words, your first monthly bills after getting the iPhone 13 Pro BOGO deal will show “2 device payment charges of $27.77 each ($55.54)”. Then, after Verizon starts releasing your discount reward, your bill statement will show 2 device payment charges for $27.77 each ($55.54) and 1 device promo credit for $27.77.

Note: similar to the online freebie deals, the BOGO program still requires an eligible plan for the devices you want to have. Then, you must maintain the “get one” device on that qualifying term until the last promo credit.

Verizon iPhone Deals with Prepaid Service

Well, Verizon doesn’t have promotional offers for only postpaid customers. It’s also one of the few providers that give free phone when you switch prepaid services.

Sadly, however, the current prepaid freebie deals don’t have iPhones. Instead, the available devices have a partial discount, whereby you can save up to $300.

Surprisingly, Verizon has the discounted prepaid Apple devices on only the line of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. But it’s still better than its major competitors who have none.

That said, remember the prepaid service is all about “prepaying”. So, you’ll have to purchase the promoted iPhone upfront (at full price). Then, you’ll receive the $300 discount to your existing prepaid account in the form of $25 monthly credits for twelve months.

However, Verizon still requires you to activate the line for the new phone on the Unlimited or Unlimited Plus prepaid plan. Then, it must remain on that plan you choose for the entire term, else the promo credits will stop.

Verizon iPhone Deals with an Eligible Trade-In

Last but not least, you can upgrade to the latest iPhone using the Verizon trade-in deals. Just as the name, that means you’ll need to have a qualifying phone you can trade and receive a discount on the new device you want.

But just like the others, you’ll receive the trade-in payments in the form of promo credits that offset the supposedly monthly payment for the new device.

Also, the Verizon trade-in deals do require a new line activation on an eligible unlimited postpaid plan. Then, you’ll have to maintain the line on that qualifying plan for the entire term, else the promo credits will stop.

Note: a qualifying/ eligible old phone for the Verizon iPhone trade-in deals should be in good working condition. That means it should power on, plus have a cracks-free screen, undamaged battery, and the activation lock off.

Features & Specs of the Best iPhones on the Verizon Deals for existing Customers

iPhones in the Verizon DealType of Promo DealTotal Promo SavingsSupported NetworksROM vs RAM
Apple iPhone 11 ProGet it Free$659.994G LTE512GB, 4GB
Apple iPhone XS MaxGet it Free$499.994G LTE512GB, 4GB
Apple iPhone 13 ProBOGO/ Trade-In Discount$1000.005G & 4G LTE128GB, 6GB
Apple iPhone 13 MiniBOGO/ Trade-In Discount$700.005G & 4G LTE128GB,4GB
Apple iPhone 12Partial Discount /Trade-In$700.005G & 4G LTE64GB, 4GB
Apple iPhone 13 PrepaidPrepaid Discount$300.005G & 4G LTE128GB, 4GB
Apple iPhone 12 Mini PrepaidPrepaid Discount$300.005G & 4G LTE64GB, 4GB
Apple iPhone XRGet it Free$338.994G LTE256GB,3GB
Apple iPhone XSGet it Free$321.994G LTE256GB, 4GB

Get Apple iPhone 11 Pro Free with no Trade-in Required

Although it’s a little old, the iPhone 11 Prois still an amazing phone. And actually, an excellent choice if you want to upgrade to any decent Apple device with at least 4G LTE.

The smartphone runs on the Apple A13 Bionic processor, which is fast and even strong enough to handle an upgrade to iOS 15.3. It also has a rugged construction, with the highest IP68 dust/ water protection.

Furthermore, you can get the Verizon iPhone 11 Pro Free deal on all the variations, including 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

Get Apple iPhone XS Max Free with no Trade-in Required

The iPhone XS Max is also an older phone but a good one if not interested in the 5G. It runs on an Apple A12 Bionic processor, which was the fastest in 2018 and powerful enough for various heavy-duty functions.

The Apple smartphone is still relevant as despite not having 5G, it still has some features on the latest iPhones. That includes IP68 dust/ water protection, a True-tone display to keep images natural, video recording in full 4K at up 60fps, NFC contactless payments, and Face ID unlock.

Even better, you can now get the Free Verizon iPhone XS Max in either 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB storage. Then, the processing memory (RAM) is 4GB, just like in the latest iPhone 12.

Get Apple iPhone 13 Pro Free (or up to $1000 off) with Trade-In

Do you want to upgrade to the Verizon 5G service? The iPhone 13 Pro has everything you need to enjoy the new network, including the latest Qualcomm X60 5G modem. So, you should be able to get consistent, smooth, and strong reception than the phones with X55 5G modem

On top of that, the Apple smartphone has the A15 Bionic chip, which is the fastest processor in 2024. Then, the main camera records videos up to 60fps in both 4K and Dolby Vision HDR quality.

Furthermore, you can get the Free Verizon iPhone 13 Pro with 128GB of internal storage. Alternatively, you can check out with 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB options, whereby you get a partial discount of up to $1000.

Get Apple iPhone 13 Mini Free with a BOGO or Trade-In

The iPhone 13 Mini is the lowest variation on the line of Apple generation 13, but that doesn’t actually mean you’ll get half the performance. Similar to the iPhone 13 Pro, the Mini version also has the Apple 15 Bionic processor, X60 5G modem, video recording in Full 4K and Dolby Vision HDR at 60fps, and IP68 dust/ water protection.

The smartphone also does have Face ID unlock and a built-in NFC for contactless payments or digital data sharing.

As for the discount, though, you can get the free Verizon iPhone 13 Mini with up to 512GB of storage on the BOGO deals. The phone is also available on the Trade-in deals, whereby you can get it for free with 128GB memory (or $700 off on the 256GB model).

Get Apple iPhone 12 at $600 off (No Trade-In Required)

The Apple iPhone 12 is yet another great Verizon deal if you want to upgrade to a 5G capable device. It has a built-in X55 5G modem, which is compatible with both the low-band and mmWave bands. Then, run on the Apple A14 Bionic process that currently rates second on performance level.

The smartphone also has the infamous true-tone Super Retina display and IP68 protection rating if interested in capturing some underwater moments. And the captured videos can be up to full 4K@ 24/30/60fps or Dolby Vision HDR up to 30fps.

As for the offer, you can get Verizon iPhone 12 at $600 off with no trade-in or BOGO required. Alternatively, you can get it for free (save up to $700) when you trade in an eligible old or damaged phone.

Get Apple iPhone 13 Prepaid with $300 off (No Trade-in Required)

First up, the iPhone 13 here is exclusively for the existing Verizon prepaid customers. Secondly, it’s an excellent upgrade to the latest 5G network. And in terms of performance, the build-in X60 5G modem can give you faster and more consistent speeds than the previous models.

Furthermore, the smartphone has the A15 Bionic chip, just like iPhone 13 Pro & Mini. Thus, you can enjoy the smoothest gaming and video recording than the devices on the previous processors.

To make it even better, the ongoing Verizon iPhone 13 Prepaid promo allows you a partial discount of up to $300. And also the deals are on all the line variations, including the 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

Final Thoughts:

As mentioned in the beginning, Verizon is no doubt the best phone company on promo deals. The majority of other carriers and MVNOs usually offer free and discounted phone deals for new customers, in particular those who port their numbers.

But with Verizon, the phone deals for the existing customers are as many as for the new subscribers. And in the article, we’ve mentioned at least nine iPhone deals you can get for free or at a partial discount right now.

Even so, all the promotional offers require you get a qualifying plan on the various devices. And considering Verizon is one of the most expensive wireless phone services, make sure you pick an iPhone deal it’ll be easy to keep up on plan payments.