The 10 Best Buy Now Pay Later Clothes No Credit Check Payment Options

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The other day, we looked at some of the best retailers with buy now and pay later food no credit check plans. In this article, I would like us to continue on the topic of basic needs and look at buy now pay later clothes no credit check sites. By the end of the post, you’ll learn wearing tatters or even from the thrift shop is now a choice. And with tatters, I don’t mean literal rags, but any wrong dress or Mr. Nice suit for the occasion.

Even so, you’ll come to notice one or two stores we have mentioned before, all thanks to their variety of departments. I’ve also been able to find one luxury store, which you can find legendary fashion labels like Alexander Mcqueen with monthly payments.

What is the Best Buy Now Pay Later Clothes Plan?

Unlike with food and drinks, fashion stuff is pretty easy and fast to find special financing. It’s more like with buy now pay later electronics payment options, whereby you’ll find top point-of-sale lenders like Affirm has lesser limitations.
In any case, the ten best buy now pay later clothes no credit check you can apply and get approved instantly include:

  1. Avenue Fashion Store
  2. ASHRO Clothing Store
  3. Walmart Retail Company
  4. AKIRA Boutique Clothes Shop
  5. MONROE & MAIN Clothing Store
  6. Etsy Online Store
  7. Marissa Collections Limited
  8. Overstock Retail Company
  9. Zebit Financial Company
  10. Kmart Big-Box Store

Is Buy Now Pay Later Financing the same as Credit Card?

Well, a credit card used to be the most used buy now and pay later payment option. It only helps finance your expenses during emergencies but also can work in any currency, which is a big bonus when shopping overseas.

Sadly, however, all credit card companies/ banks must report to the credit bureau about your active account. So, any missed or late repayments will reflect on the report, which will impact your chances of getting another loan in the future. Also, many of the credit cards that I know have annual fees ranging from as little as $25 to $1,200 per year.

Meanwhile, these two factors aren’t with many points-of-sale credit departments. So, you can apply with a perfect, bad, or poor credit score and still qualify.

Four other key benefits of special buy now pay later financing include:

  • Quick approval rate: many retailers and lenders rely on income level to assess legibility. No hard credit inquiry or need of a guarantor.
  • Flexible payment plans: allows you to shop or pay for your payments in installments for up to 36-40 months.
  • Offers interest-free days: You can enjoy free interest rates if you pay your balance in full before the agreed due date.
  • Build credit score: helps improve and strengthen your credit score if you keep your account in good standing


Buy Now Pay Later Special Financing  Buy Now Pay Later Special Financing  Credit Card Financing Credit Card Financing
Upsides Downsides Upsides Downsides
  • Has high approval rate
  • Offers extended repayment periods
  • Has affordable payment plans
  • Serves bad and poor credit
  • Has interest-free days
  • Easy to build a credit score
  • Include no annual fees
  • May have high-interest rates
  • Limited local stores
  • Can easily cause overspending
  • Might request a down payment
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Offers reward points
  • Works in any currency
  • Has interest-free days
  • Have complimentary extras
  • Fit for online and local stores
  • Enhance flight and hotel reservations
  • Has high-interest rates
  • Can easily damage your credit score
  • Has annual fees
  • Credit card surcharges
  • Tricky to get with bad credit history


Comparing Features, Pros, and Cons of the Various Buy Now Pay later Clothes Retailers and Lenders

1. Overstock Retail Company

At, you can find a variety of items, including furniture, electronics, appliances, and clothing. So, it’s an excellent option if you would want a one-stop shop to make all your purchases at once.

As for the clothing, the store stocks adults apparel, as well as for the kids and babies. You’ll find casual wear, formal attire, and sleepwear, all brand-quality and a generous budget.

Speaking of budget, the Overstock Lease-to-own financing brings you a flexible payment plan of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The program is with the Progressive Leasing credit department, which is not only easy to apply but also requires no credit history. So, you can be approved with even a poor credit score for as long your income level pans out.


  • It doesn’t require credit
  • Has multitude of products
  • Features instant approval
  • Doesn’t report to the bureau
  • Offers affordable monthly charges
  • It has convenient, automatic payment


  • It might require some down payment

2. Avenue Fashion Store is one of the best places to suit up your style with trending fashion, including casualwear, relaxed silhouettes, and curve-embracing essentials. It has been in the industry since 1987 and primarily stocks ladies’ clothing ranging from flirty dresses to active gym wear, sleepwear, and shoes.

The best part, the company supports various payment options, not limited to Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. You can also use digital options like Apple Pay, PayPal, or else Avenue special financing if you want to wear now and pay later. The monthly payment plans are facilitated by the famous AfterPay financial company. So, you can even postpone your missed payment without suffering harsh penalties.


  • It’s quick to approve
  • Supports automatic payments
  • Features no hidden fees
  • Has affordable monthly installments
  • It doesn’t perform credit check


  • It might ask for a down payment
  • Has late payment fees (if haven’t reported)

3. Zebit Online Market

Zebit isn’t a financial company as many think. It’s a retail market but primarily operates as a lease-to-own business instead of pay-right-now. The store deals with a wide array of fashion products, including clothes for kids and adults of either gender, plus footwear, and accessories. But if you would like, the store also does have electronics, appliances, furniture, toys, and other departments to shop.

More to love, the Zebit buy now pay later program doesn’t approve applicants based on the FICO score. Thus, you can use it with perfect, bad, or no credit at all and still qualify. Furthermore, the company doesn’t report to the major credit bureaus, which means you can use it without impacting your credit history in any way.

That said, though, this company doesn’t display the prices of the products before registering with them. It’s also not available in Washington, D.C.


  • You can apply with perfect and bad credit
  • Has friendly monthly payments
  • Supports automatic payments option
  • Include s no hidden fees or penalties
  • It doesn’t affect credit score in any way


  • It requires a small initial deposit
  • Lacks monthly rate transparency

4. Walmart Retail Store

Walmart, like its dear big-box store rivals, offers a range of items, including everyday and occasion clothing. With the latter, the store has a variety of costumes that you can get your kid or even yourself for Halloween nights or LARPing sessions. Then, for the everyday attire, you can get a nice formal suit set or lady dresses at various designs and reasonable pricing.

The local retailer also has watches, necklaces, and other jewelry to complete your day’s style. And if it’s not about you, you can pick something extraordinary that he or she’ll fall in love with.

Another thing, Walmart accepts both traditional and digital methods of payment to approve an order. You can even opt for the Walmart installment financing, which you can take home your purchases and pay over three, six, or twelve months. And since the lender is Affirm, you can qualify with even a poor credit score for as long you have a desirable income flow.


  • It doesn’t have a minimum credit score
  • Offer plenty of apparel choices
  • Easy to compare monthly payments
  • Doesn’t charge late penalty fees
  • It can help improve your credit score


  • It might require a 25% down payment
  • Do report payment history to one credit agency.

5. ASHRO Clothing Store

ASHRO is another remarkable retailer that you shop your desired clothing but pay up later in small monthly installments. It only operates within the USA, whereby you can find plenty of product choices for both men and women. Dresses, suits, caftans, wigs, heels, boots, and many other departments are available. You can even grab a few amazing deals on accessories like handbags and budget-friendly jewelry.

Even without enough cash at hand, the ASHRO Credit plan allows you to fill up your shopping cart and settle the amount later from as low as $20. The payment option is pretty straightforward to apply and you can or not pay a down payment.


  • It has convenient monthly charges
  • Has a quick approval rate
  • Increases your credit limits with time
  • Offers delivery service to door
  • It can help improve your credit score


  • It reports to credit agencies
  • May incur late penalty fees (varies by State)

6. AKIRA Boutique Clothes Shop

While the journey started in Chicago, AKIRA has up to thirty-two stores in the country today. It offers a full line of clothing, footwear, and accessories for women, in different designs and variations. You’ll also find all well-known fashion brands, such as Adidas, Champion, Fila, Kappa, Blank NYC, and Reebok.

The fashion retailer accepts orders both online and in-store. It also has flexible payment options, including AKIRA buy now pay later plan via Sezzle financing company. Like most in this kind of business, the program allows you to split your total purchase cost into four monthly installments. No fees if you can pay the minimum amounts on time, plus they guarantee no negative impact on your credit points.


  • It has reasonable pricing
  • Stocks stylish and decent designs
  • Increases credit limits over time
  • Convenient and secure transactions
  • It doesn’t report activity to credit bureaus


  • It might need an initial deposit
  • Can’t build your credit score

7. MONROE & MAIN Clothing Store

Monroe & Main is yet another retailer you can consider if you want to fulfill your wardrobe wishes at less. You can find nearly all kinds of fashions, shoes, accessories, and jewelry, for both men and women.

As a branch of Colony Brands, this retailer operates at a low price-point, just like its sister companies Tender Filet and the Swiss Colony. It also has a credit department, which you can still apply with a poor credit score, considering you have a straight income.

More on that, the Monroe & Main Wear Now Pay later credit requires no extra (annual) fees to apply. Then, it has monthly charges as low as $20, depending on the total amount borrowed.


  • It has plenty of clothing choices
  • Can help improve credit score
  • You can increase the credit limit with time
  • Approves perfect and poor credit score
  • It doesn’t necessarily need a down payment


  • Has late payment fees
  • Reports account activity to the bureau

8. Etsy Online Store

If you fancy handmade/ knitted apparel, is a great place to stop by. It also has some wonderful vintage designs that date back to the 80s and even the 1920s. So, the store can be an excellent idea if you wish to revive the fun moments of the old folks.

Furthermore, Etsy doesn’t only sell clothing and footwear. You can also add to your cart a vintage film projector, amongst other items. And since the store is a partner of Klarna company, you can apply for Etsy monthly installment plan that you pay up to 36 months. But again, many people usually go for the 4-installment plan as it has no interest and guarantees zero impact on credit score.


  • It has elegant, high-quality products
  • Has flexible and affordable budgets
  • Easy to apply and quick approval
  • Doesn’t affect your credit score
  • It features no interest if paid in full


  • It requires a 25% down payment
  • Lacks monthly rates transparency

9. Marissa Collections Limited

If you have a special heart for luxury designer selections, Marissa Collections is kind of top in that category. Many of the items from the family-owned business are those fancy but pricey labels, such as Alexander Mcqueen and Brunello Cucinelli selling $10,000+. You’ll also find fine jewelry like David Webb’s necklace (about $465,000) and cheaper options like Lizzie Fortunato.

In other words, this store brings together the fashion dreams of different classes. The best part, even you can have a chance to own one or several of the famed labels using the Marissa Collections Special Financing program. Affirm Company is the facilitator of the program, thus, should be a breeze to apply.


  • It has plenty of stylish designs
  • Has multiple payment options
  • Never charge late penalty fees
  • Stocks men and women collections
  • The site is easy to navigate and order


  • It reports to the bureau
  • Might request an initial deposit
  • Doesn’t display monthly charges

10. Kmart Big-Box Store

Last but not least is yet another retailer you can shop in monthly installments without requiring a credit. This is to say you can also apply with poor or bad credit score as long your other information, especially income, is impressive.

Unlike many of the above alternatives, the Kmart leasing plan actually is available in-store and online. Of course, not all clothing is eligible for the plan, but watches and various jewelry are. The service is with the WhyNotLeaseIt credit department, who provides a standard payment schedule of five months. However, you can continue your monthly payment plan (at the same amount and frequency) if the minimum term ends before you completed clearing your owed amount.


  • It features low and friendly payments
  • Has no extra or annual fees
  • Stocks brand-quality products
  • Doesn’t require credit to apply
  • Has effortless application process
  • Easy to compare the monthly charges


  • It might require an initial payment
    Has limited apparel departments eligible for credit.

Final Thoughts

Although there are still other stores and even point-of-sale lenders, these are some of the best that you can buy clothes now and pay later over a period. If you were careful enough, you’ll notice the ten providers satisfy the key benefits we mentioned about buy now pay later special financing.

But, anyway, the two of my favorite buy now pay later clothes payment options are and Marissa Collections limited. With Overstock, I like it because you have a multitude of clothing and other home products at competitive prices. The leasing program also has affordable payments and a flexible schedule that you can choose by either monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly.

Meanwhile, Marissa Collections wins second place because of the range of luxury fashion selections on the catalog. It also relies on Affirm financing to enable the monthly payment plan. Thus, quick and easy to apply, make payments, and track transactions.