The 8 Best Buy Now Pay Later Wigs No Credit Check Sites

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Are you experiencing old-age or medical hair loss? Perhaps, you want to spruce up your style without actually changing your appearance? If this feels like your kind of situation right now, this article has all your answers. We’re going to look at some of the best stores you can get buy now pay later wigs no credit check payment option. So, you can shop without enough money at hand and even with bad credit or a thin credit file.

Nonetheless, wigs usually come in varying styles, colors, and types of hair. So, I’m going to list down each wig shop alongside its strongest wig category for an easier shopping experience.

What’s the Best Buy now pay later Wigs no credit Check Financing

UNice Hair Mall is my first recommendation if you need to finance a wig/ wigs with perfect or even bad credit. It has partnered with Afterpay, which is also one of the buy now pay later catalogues you can use as an individual. And best of all, the digital platform doesn’t run a credit check.

Buy Now Pay Later Wigs No Credit Check

UNice also stocks various types, textures, colors, and styles of wigs. However, the store doesn’t deal with many designers labels or rather premium collections like Jon Renau.

Other shops you can get buy now pay later wigs financing include:

Best of Designs: Milano Collection Wigs
Best of Hair Textures: She’s Happy Hair Store
Best of Hair Extensions: Perfect Locks Company
Best of Ponytail Extensions: Beauty Works Company
Best of Human Hair Blend: Moramode Company
Best of Alternative: Real Hair London Shop

Can I Trust Online Wig Shops

Similar to a lot of consumer products nowadays, you can “window-shop” and order your favorite wigs from online retailers. Luckily, many of these shops also do have physical stores distributed across the country. So, you can browse through the various selections you want, then go pick them up in person to make sure it’s the right design.

Regardless, all the bill me later stores I’ve been researching and compiled in this post have the highest ratings on Google and various social platforms. So, you can also check out what the past customers have to say if you have your doubts.

As you order your wigs online, or even from physical stores, make sure you can differentiate between synthetic and human hair styles. Many retailers usually deal with the former as the latter is relatively more expensive and also requires regular maintenances.

Even so, human hair wigs are far superior in quality in that you can use them for up to three years with proper care. The type of wigs also look, feel, and move like real human hair than the synthetic kind.

Of course, Synthetic wigs also feel like human hair, but they lack versatility as the pattern is usually permanently set.

Comparing The Best Buy Now Pay Later Wigs No Credit Check Shops

BNPL Online Store Third-Party Lender First Payment Payment Frequency
UNice Hair Mall Afterpay
(25% of total)
Weekly/ Monthly
Milano Collection Wigs Splitit
Paypal Credit
(25% of total)
She’s Happy Hair Store Quadpay
(25% of total)
Perfect Locks Company Affirm
(25% of total)
Beauty Forever Online Store Quadpay
PayPal Credit
(25% of total)
Weekly/ Monthly
Beauty Works Company Klarna
(25% of total)
Moramode Company Splitit YES
(25% of total)
Real Hair London Shop Klarna YES
(25% of total)

Here’s a detailed summary of the five best sites that offer buy now pay later wigs financing to bad credit and poor FICO score.

1. UNice Hair Mall

As I already said, UNice is my overall best shop if you need to wear your wigs now but pay them up later. The store has an extensive inventory, which they have grouped depending on the type, texture, color, hair length, or style of wigs you want. Also, you can buy your hair as individual pieces or in bundles of threes and fours.

Furthermore, UNice Hair Mall has online services and physical stores in California and other cities. Then, you can shop your favorite premium wig with UNice buy now pay later program using either Afterpay, Quadpay, Zip, or Sezzle.


  • It has reasonable pricing
  • Supports multiple payment options
  • Has elegant and well-made wig designs
  • Easy to compare lease payments plans
  • Finances even low FICO score & bad credit
  • It offers free shipping and same-day delivery


  • It requires first payment on checkout
  • Doesn’t stock designers wig brands

2. Milano Collection Wigs

Although you won’t find Ellen Wille or Jon Renau labels at the moment, Milano Collection deals with only premium wigs. They also have distinguished Wig styles like Luxe, Victoria-bob, and others. You can also find wigs for kids, as well as hair toppers in case you just want to increase the volume of your hair.

Even so, Milano Collection is a bit more expensive than the UNice Hair Mall. However, you can check out your cart with Milano wear now pay later option through Splitit or Klarna at small, affordable payments.


  • It has high-quality wigs designs
  • Doesn’t perform credit check
  • Has multiple financing schedules
  • Guarantees free standard US shipping
  • It supports in-store and online shopping


  • It’s pretty expensive
  • You can’t improve your credit score directly

3. She’s Happy Hair Store

That’s right. The store has some of the best hair texture selections, including Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and even Cambodian (usually uncommon). If you’ve always wanted to know how you would look as a Blondie, the store has the option too, though limited.

More on that, She’s Happy Hair store stocks different sizes of hairs, both in length and volume. You can also find various care products, like shampoos, and conditioners, to treat your real hair.

Another thing, you necessarily don’t need to have the cash to shop here. The She’s Happy Hair buy now pay later financing includes partners like Quadpay and Sezzle. So, you don’t even need to have a straight credit history.


  • It offers reasonable pricing
  • Features plenty of hair sizes
  • Has online and various physical stores
  • Easy and quick to apply for financing
  • It has an intuitive, user-friendly site


  • It lacks lease payments transparency
  • Doesn’t sell the hair wigs in bundles

4. Perfect Locks Company

Hair extensions are another way you can change your head appearance without changing your true hair style. And just as the name advertises, Perfect Locks will bring the perfect solution you need for your head and budget. The company primarily focuses on hair extensions, but you can also get a nice wig for the full face, lace front, U-part, or even toppers. You’ll also find your wig in various patterns, not limited to straight, wavy, curly, and textured designs.

Moreover, Perfect Locks do offer various hair care products and accessories. That includes items like hairbrushes, wig grips, shampoo, conditioner, and styling cream. You can also find Perfect Lockshair Extension financing with affirm, Sezzle, or Splitit at affordable rates.


  • It has high-quality hair selections
  • Features plenty of designs and patterns
  • Provides instant financing decision
  • Can finance even low FICO score & bad credit
  • It has free standard shipping across the US


You can’t build credit directly
It may require a down payment

5. Moramode Company

Last but not least, we have Moramode company, where you can get wigs from a blend of human and synthetic hair. The wigs are available in various designs and colors, including blonde, brunette brown, afro Caribbean, and red auburn. So, you can find a perfect match, regardless of your skin tone.

Furthermore, Moramode has easy clip-in ponytails and hair extensions that you can transform your hair in minutes. They’re also available in a range of colors, including off black, chocolate brown, dark brown, pearl blonde, et cetera. And in case your cart exceeds the budget at hand you can check out with Moramode buy now pay later without a hassle.

The special financing is under Splitit financial company. So, you can as well qualify with a low FICO score, bad credit, or no history at all.


  • It deals with quality human hair wigs
  • Has stylish and appealing designs
  • Features a user-friendly website
  • Doesn’t check credit when financing
  • You can pay off your lease early


It doesn’t display lease payment plans
You cannot build a credit score directly

Common Related Questions

Can I finance a wig?

You necessarily don’t need to have the cash to get the right hair wig for your dress-up or medical conditions. There are over dozen buy now pay later stores looking for people in a situation like you’re in. So, yes, you can finance a wig of your liking.

What apps let you buy now pay later?

If you want to finance a hair wig/s, you can either use the retailer or a point-of-sale credit department of that particular store. Some of these buy now pay later platforms in app form include Afterpay, Quadpay, Zip, Sezzle, Klarna, Affirm, and Clearpay.

Can I buy a wig with Afterpay?

Afterpay is one of the most famous buy now pay later apps here in the US. You can use it to shop for your household or even business place from various stores and departments. If it’s fashion and beauty, you can buy a wig with Afterpay no matter what’s your credit score.

What sites offer payment plans?

There are plenty of online stores you can get financing if you don’t have the cash to pay outright. Some of these sites offer payment plans to even those with bad credit and low FICO score.

Examples include:

Final Thoughts

Although there are others, the shops above should help you get the wig of your dream. It doesn’t matter whether you want it for dress up or to cover your Alopecia and other medical hair loss. The stores have a wide range of wigs to choose from, including synthetic, human hair, or a blend of both.

In case you haven’t decided yet, you can check out UNice Hair Mall and Perfect Locks company. The former is the best at affordability, whereas the latter features high-quality hair extensions. Also, they both provide financing without checking your past credit history. So, you won’t need to worry about your low FICO score, bad credit, or even bankruptcy.