Which Is A Better Phone Service Between Xfinity Mobile Vs T Mobile?

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In most cases, MVNOs ranks second when compared with a major carriers. As we compare Xfinity Mobile vs T Mobile today, though, you’ll notice the Comcast brand has bettered or equaled the GSM provider in some key areas.

The said key areas this review will be covering include coverage, phone deals, network roaming, rate plans, and data speeds. Deprioritization and data throttling are also common issues in many prepaid phones. So, I’ve also mentioned it in case you’re planning to browse a lot with your device.

FYI: MVNO stands for the mobile virtual network operator, which is a carrier that usually resells the network of a major network provider.

Xfinity Mobile vs T Mobile: A Summary of the Cell Phone Providers

FeatureXfinity MobileT Mobile
Carrier NetworkVerizonT Mobile
5G Data Speeds4000+MbpsUp to 1100+Mbps
4G Data Speeds100+Mbps300+Mbps
Lowest Phone Plan$15$10
Unlimited MinutesYESYES
Unlimited dataYESYES
Family DiscountYESYES
Free Mexico/ Canada CallN/AYES
WiFi CallingYESYES
Mobile HotspotYESYES
Video StreamingYESYES
Phone Unlock PeriodAfter 60 DaysAfter 40-365 Days
Extra PerksFree unlimited Xfinity WiFi HotspotsFree Netflix, Free Apple TV, Free
Music Unlimited T-Mobile Tuesdays Offers  

Even before we get to the main comparison, you’ll see both Xfinity Mobile and T-Mobile has quite amazing perks. A speed test on Xfinity Mobile 5G actually places it over three times faster than T-Mobile.

But again, does this mean the MVNO is a much better option to switch to now? Well, let’s break down the two and see.

Xfinity Mobile Vs T Mobile

Xfinity Mobile vs T Mobile: Comparing the Features and Perks of the Phone Providers


When comparing Xfinity vs Verizon last month, we concluded the MVNO requires you have the cabled service before applying. And even after getting it, you still have to maintain either the internet or TV service to avoid the $25 surcharge fee.

So, T-Mobile is a better option in this part since the service is available to anyone. The carrier also does have eSIM support, which is still unavailable on Xfinity Mobile.

Winner: T-Mobile as it’s available to anyone and supports eSIM activations

Network Coverage

Among the major network carriers, T-Mobile ranks third on coverage across the country. It predominantly focuses on the metropolises, which should explain why areas like Madison have no coverage when in the downtowns. Or else the reason major towns of Oregon have a good signal, but then the phone starts dropping bars as you drive towards the rural.

On the other hand, Xfinity Mobile is an MVNO of Verizon. And considering Verizon has the best coverage across the country, you’ll have a usable phone in most parts, including remote areas like Toledo.

Winner: Xfinity Mobile as it uses the Verizon network, which has decent coverage in urban & rural areas.

Phone offers & Discounts

T-Mobile is one of the best companies that give free phones to new and existing customers. The device deals include high-end catalogs like Samsung Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13, which require an eligible trade-in. Or the entry-level models like the Samsung Galaxy A13 and TCL 30 XE, where you only need to add a new line.

On the other hand, Xfinity Mobile rarely offers freebies. However, the carrier currently has a limited-time promo where you can get the latest iPhone SE (3rd Generation) at $0. The rest of the deals only gives you a partial discount of $300. But you can also get trade-in savings, which the company offers through Assurant.

Winner: T-Mobile as it has more free phone deals with and without trade-in required

5G/ LTE Data Speeds

When you compare T-Mobile vs Xfinity Mobile data speeds side by side, you’ll come to notice mixed results. On the 5G network, an Xfinity Speed test peaked at 4,012Mbps while utilizing the Ultra-Wideband spectrum. But then, many people still have LTE phones, which mostly achieve 30-60Mbps or 123-135Mbps on good days.

As for T-Mobile, a 5G speed test with iPhone achieved up to 1,119Mbps, which is amazingly fast, but slower than the Xfinity Mobile. Then, the LTE would peak between 30-90Mbps or up to 300+Mbps on calm days.

Winner: Both as Xfinity has a faster 5G network while T-Mobile leads on LTE data

Network Roaming

The two cell phone providers should have been the winner in this part since they both support domestic and international roaming.

However, T-Mobile postpaid has free unlimited roaming talk, text, and data while in Canada or Mexico. Then, it also includes the Simple Global package, which provides you with free texting and 3G (256kbps) data speeds while in 210+ destinations.

In other words, T-Mobile postpaid only charges for voice calling while overseas- $0.25/ minute. But for the prepaid customers, there’s no data roaming option and the calling rates can be as high as $5.99 depending on the destination.

Meanwhile, Xfinity Mobile requires you have a Global Travel Pass to continue using your phone outside the United States. The pass costs a flat rate of $5/ day while in Canada and Mexico or $10/day for the other 170+ countries.  

Winner: T-Mobile since the postpaid plans include free roaming in over 200 international destinations

Phone Plans & Pricing

Early this year, T-Mobile made a promise it’ll be reintroducing the T-Mobile Connect plan as a new prepaid category. And as of right now, the new prepaid category is live and kicking from as low as $10/ Month.

Yes, the likes of Tello and Mint Mobile aren’t happy about it, but now you can enjoy the GSM network with your exact needs. The featured T-Mobile Connect plans include 1GB- $10, 3GB- $15, 6GB- $25, and 12GB- $35/ month.

Nonetheless, the T-Mobile postpaid and Simply Prepaid plans are the best options if you browse a lot. See below.

Chart 2.1 T-Mobile Phone plan Structure

Features10GB (Simply)Unlimited (Simply)Unlimited+ (Simply)Essentials (postpaid)Magenta (postpaid)Magenta MAX
Regular Price$40/ mo.$50/ mo.$60/ mo.$60/ mo.$70/ mo.  $85/ mo.
Multi-Line Discounts$5 – $8 (2-5 lines)$10 – $16 (2-5 lines)$15 – $24 (2-5 lines)$15 – $36 (2-5 lines)$10 – $38 (2-5 lines)$15 – $45 (2-5 lines)
Talk MinutesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Text MessagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
High-Speed Data10GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Priority DataN/A50GB50GB50GB100GBUnlimited
Premium Hotspot Data10GBUnlimited (3G speeds)10GB (then 3G)Unlimited (3G speeds)5GB (then 3G)40GB (then 3G)
Video Stream QualityUp to HDUp to 480pUp to 480pUp to 480pUp to 480pUp to 4K UHD
International TextingN/AN/AN/AUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Canada/ Mexico DataN/AN/AN/A2G Data Speeds5GB LTE (then 2G)5GB LTE (then 2G)

Chart 2.2 Xfinity Mobile Phone plan Structure

Features1GB Plan (by the Gig)3GB Plan (by the Gig)10GB Plan (by the Gig)Unlimited Plan
1 Line Price  $15/ mo.$30/ mo.$60/ mo.  $45/ mo.
Multi-Line DiscountsN/AN/AN/A$5 – $21 (2-10 lines)
Talk MinutesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Text MessagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
High-Speed Data1GB3GB10GBUnlimited
Priority DataN/AN/AN/A20GB (then 1.5Mbps)
Video StreamingHD Quality (1080p)HD Quality (1080p)HD Quality (1080p)SD Quality (480p)

As was just mentioned, T-Mobile phone plans are far more flexible than those of Xfinity Mobile. You can opt for Prepaid Connect if you use your phone mostly for calls and don’t browse much. Or else the Simply Prepaid if you’d like more data to browse and also a few savings for the family.

Speaking of savings, T-Mobile usually includes the taxes plus other fees in the listed prices. Thus, beating Xfinity Mobile, which calculates the taxes and other additional fees (ranging between $1.82-$4) on checkout.

Even though the taxes aren’t much, Xfinity phone plans are still slightly more expensive than those of T-Mobile when calculated by GB. Then, you’ll also have to watch out for the overage fees on the By-the-Gig plans

Winner: T-Mobile as it has more flexible and affordable rate plans for everyone, plus no overage fees

Deprioritization & Throttling

Unlike most MVNOs, Xfinity Mobile has a deal with Verizon to get priority data on the By-the-Gig plans. Hence, the reason speed test against Verizon Play More had similar results, whereas that with Visible placed it more than three times faster.

That said, though, the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan gets deprioritized data. So, you’ll notice reduced download/ upload speeds when the Verizon network is busy.

Also, the MVNO will throttle (reduce data speed based on usage) your data after hitting 20GB of usage. The 5G Ultra-Wideband is the only time you can enjoy unlimited browsing and hotspot as it doesn’t count in your monthly allotment.

As for T-Mobile, the Magenta Max has “Truly” unlimited data, whether on the LTE or 5G network. The plan and most of the rest also have priority data, which means you’ll still have good data speeds during congestion.

Winner: T-Mobile as it has the Magenta Plan with uncapped LTE/ 5G data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is T-Mobile WIFI better than Xfinity?

If we’re talking about speed here, the T-Mobile home WiFi is faster than Xfinity in some cases. It can also be cheaper, provided T-Mobile wireless network work well in your area since the service uses the existing LTE/ 5G bands.

However, Xfinity cabled internet is better than T-Mobile WiFi if you plan on customizing features like DNS & Static IP. It also has a consistent latency, which can be handy for online gaming.

Does Xfinity use T-Mobile towers?

No, Xfinity Mobile does not use T-Mobile towers. Instead, it has a network deal with Verizon, which should explain why the data speeds are peaking at 4+Gbps on 5G.

Pros and cons of Xfinity Mobile

Different phone carriers have always had their good and bad sides. In this case, the various pros and cons of Xfinity Mobile include:


  • It offers priority data
  • Supports WiFi calling
  • Includes unlimited WiFi hotspot
  • Features decent browsing speeds
  • Has several device deals & financing
  • Supports domestic & overseas roaming
  • It has extensive coverage across the country


  • It has no eSIM support for now
  • Includes data throttling on all plans
  • It has a high risk of overage fees on by-the-gig plans

Do you get anything free with Xfinity Mobile?

Yes, of course, you can get free access to millions of WiFi hotspots across the country with Xfinity Mobile. The carriers also tend to offer free unlimited browsing and mobile hotspot when connected to the 5G Ultra-Wideband. Then, the latest iPhone SE is also free when you add a new line to your account.

Which is Better?

Well, the question of which is better in a versus comparison always comes down to what you’re hoping to achieve. If it’s to cut down your phone bill, both Xfinity Mobile and T-Mobile have rate plans from as low as $15/ month.

However, the newly-introduced T-Mobile Connect has had the major carrier more competitive than ever, with plans starting at $10. Of course, the data here has no throttling or international roaming, but it can be perfect for seniors.

Speaking of roaming, T-Mobile Unlimited plans give you free text and data, plus competitive voice rates to use while overseas. Then, you can also enjoy a free Netflix streaming subscription.