Free & Discounted AT&T Phone Deals For Existing Customers in 2024

AT&T phone deals for existing customers

Is it a must you be a new customer to get a device discount from your carrier? No, you don’t. In this guide, I’ve rounded up some of the best AT&T phone deals for existing customers if you’d like to upgrade or replace your current device. Of course, the deals aren’t as good as with …

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Comparing Mint Mobile vs AT&T on Coverage, Download Speeds, and Service Perks

Mint Mobile vs AT&T

Truthfully, you want a good phone service that’s not only convenient but also reliable. In this article, we’re going to look at Mint Mobile vs AT&T  to see which provider will be more worthwhile for you. That’s in terms of coverage, browsing speed, and plan perks. In the previous test on Ultra Mobile vs Mint …

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Frontier vs Xfinity: Which is the Best Internet Service Provider to Have?

Frontier vs Xfinity

The other day, we tried to compare Spectrum vs Frontier internet on things like coverage, browsing speeds, and tech. In this review, we’re going to continue on the topic and compare Frontier vs Xfinity wired internet to see how they stand out from each other. As we mentioned the other time, most of the information …

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Google Fi vs AT&T: 6 Crucial Things to Know before Switching

Google Fi vs AT&T

Is a $10 phone service any good? In this short guide, we’ll be comparing Google Fi vs AT&T features, performance, and perks. YES, it’s an unfair duel considering one’s a major carrier and the other a sub-carrier. But as the saying of the judge, book, and cover, even the cheapest stuff can surprise you. In …

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Comparing Pure Talk vs Consumer Cellular on Coverage, Pricing, & Data Allowances

Pure Talk vs Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is one of the few carriers with access to both AT&T and T-Mobile towers. So, you get to join with the network that works best in your area. But then, is the MVNO really worth it? Let’s compare Pure Talk vs Consumer Cellular and see about that. As usual, we’re going to focus …

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What Is The Different Between Pure Talk vs Cricket Wireless?

Pure Talk vs Cricket Wireless

AT&T is the overall best GSM network on coverage and Data speeds. It also has a “truly” Unlimited plan, free calling to Mexico or Canada, free HBO Max subscription, roaming service, and other amazing perks. But then, does the carrier shares these features with its MVNOs? Let’s compare Pure Talk vs Cricket Wireless and see …

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Xfinity Mobile vs AT&T: What Carrier will be More Worthwhile to Join?

Xfinity Mobile vs ATT

Are you still looking for reliable phone service? In this post, we’re going to have another comparison review, whereby we’ll compare Xfinity Mobile vs AT&T to see which carrier’s better features, pricing, and extra perks. Even so, AT&T is a major carrier with its own cell towers. Thus, you’ll always get prioritized before Cricket or …

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Which Is A Better Phone Service Between Xfinity Mobile Vs T Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile Vs T Mobile

In most cases, MVNOs ranks second when compared with a major carriers. As we compare Xfinity Mobile vs T Mobile today, though, you’ll notice the Comcast brand has bettered or equaled the GSM provider in some key areas. The said key areas this review will be covering include coverage, phone deals, network roaming, rate plans, …

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Straight Talk vs Verizon: You Should Know Before Switch

Straight Talk vs Verizon

In November last year, Verizon completed the TracFone Wireless acquisition deal, whereby it promised: “enhanced services” on all its products. Straight Talk is one of the mentioned TracFone products. And in this review, we’re going to compare Straight Talk vs Verizon wireless to see which service’s more worthwhile. Right before the acquisition, we did a …

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