A Quick Guide on How to Add Corporate Discount to Verizon Mobile Account

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Last week, we talked about the Verizon first responder discount program that brings you special deals on mobile plans, home internet, and mobile accessories. As a continuation on the topic, I’m going to show you how to add corporate discount to Verizon mobile account.

Indeed, these corporate discounts  (or employee discounts) are also part of the Verizon special deal programs. But unlike the first responder benefit, there’s no guarantee you’ll get discounts on all the three categories (phone plans, home internet, and mobile accessories). Why?

About Verizon Corporate Discount Program

Well, the Verizon corporate offers aren’t available for just any employee. In order to qualify for the discount program, you must be an employee of a company that has partnered with the carrier.

And as usual, different corporates usually have different care packages for their active and retired employees. So, the particular agreement between your company and Verizon could have you receive discounts on mobile plans, home internet, accessories, or all.

It’s also worth noting that the Verizon corporate discount program doesn’t include senior discounts. And that means the companies with the retiree discounts will give you access to the seniors savings at the same time.

Further, Verizon offers the corporate discount as a different program from that of the people who serve. So, you’ll have to apply in the other categories if you are a military, first responder, teacher, or nurse.

Is the Verizon Corporate Discount Program Really Worth it?

As we’ve established a number of times, Verizon is the most expensive network operator across the country. But, surprisingly, it’s also the largest, having the best coverage, fastest browsing speeds, and best free entertainment bundles.

The free/ discounted Verizon iPhone deals for existing customers and newbies alike are also something to love. Then, as a carrier with its own towers, you get to enjoy prioritized mobile data with no heavy deprioritization even during congestion.

So, at the original cost, Verizon is still worth it. But when you now add the special deals for employees, it gets a little better as you could divert those savings elsewhere.

How to Add Corporate Discount to Verizon

For instance, the 4GB Shared plan can save you up to $9/ month on the employee discount. And when you calculate that amount over a year, you’ll have saved up to $108, enough for a one-and-a-half month of service.

The same goes for the home internet, whereby you receive up to $10/ month on your Fios connection. Thus, saving you up to a hundred and twenty bucks within a whole year of consecutive payments.

How Much is Verizon Corporate Discount for Current/ Retired Employees

As mentioned earlier, different companies usually have varying care packages for their employees. So, the total savings you get on the Verizon corporate discount could have a different amount from that of your friend (on a different company).

Also, the Verizon special deals are available on various products, which, of course, have varying pricing tags. And since the corporate discount is available as per percentage, the various products will give varying total savings as well. See below.

1. Verizon Corporate Discount on Mobile Plans

On the Verizon first responder discount discussion, we concluded one can only qualify under mobile plans with a postpaid subscription. Well, the same rule applies to the corporate discount program, which means you’re ineligible if on the cheaper Verizon prepaid service.

However, the Unlimited Mix & Match plans (5G Start, Do More, Play More, & Get More) are also ineligible for this employee discount. The only subscription you can use is the Single Line Basic Phone plan and the Shared Data plans.

Here’s a summary of the features & perks of these plans

FeaturesBasic Phone Plan5GB Shared Data Plan10GB Shared Data Plan
Original Account-level access Price$30/ mo.$30/ mo.$40/ mo.  
Line Access FeeN/A$25/ Month$25/ Month
Corporate Discount Savings20-23%20-23%20-23%
Free 5G AccessNationwide OnlyNationwide OnlyNationwide Only
Talk + TextingUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Priority DataYESYESYES
Monthly Data Allowance500MB LTE/ 5G (then 128kbps)5GB LTE/ 5G (then 128kbps)10GB LTE/ 5G (then 128kbps)
Data CarryoverN/AYESYES
Mobile HotspotNOYESYES
International TextingUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Roaming Data in Canada & MexicoNO ($5/ day)NO ($5/ day)NO ($5/ day)

First, you should know that the Verizon shared data plan has the monthly (data) allowances as a “shared pool”. So, all the devices under your account will be sharing the 5G or 10GB given.

Secondly, Verizon charges the total cost of the Shared Data plans as the Account-level access fee + line access fee. Thus, bringing the original total cost (before tax) of a two-line 10GB account to $90 ($40 + ($25 x 2)).

The reason I’ve opted to bring this up is that Verizon usually issues the corporate discount for Mobile plans per the account-level access fees. So, regardless of the number of lines you add to your account, the total savings on the 5GB or 10GB plan will be the same.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the said total savings usually varies from corporate to corporate. For instance, a few years back, Coca-Cola used to have an employee discount of $30%, while Wells Fargo had 27%.

As of today, though, many top corporates offer an employee discount of 23%, whereas the small employers give 20%. And in that case, you get to save $8 to $9.20/ month on the 10GB Shared Data plan.

Note: on the Corporate employee discounts page, Verizon claims one can only be “eligible for the offer on account-level fees of $34.99 or higher”. So, many new customers are unlikely to qualify with the basic phone or 5GB Shared Data plan.

2. Verizon Corporate Discount on Home Internet

Indeed, Verizon does offer an employee discount on the home internet. But similar to the mobile plans, the deal’s only available to the employees with employers who have an agreement with the network operator.

Furthermore, the Verizon employee discount is only available on the (postpaid) Fios internet bundles. And that means it’s limited to the areas where Verizon provides the wired data service.

Features300Mbps500MbpsGigabit Connection
Original Pricing$39.99$64.99/ Month$89.99/ Month
Corporate employee Savings$5/ Month$5/ Month$10/ Month
High-Speed AllotmentUnlimited (with no cap)Unlimited (with no cap)Unlimited (with no cap)
Data Speeds300Mbps500Mbps940Mbps
Free Disney BundleFirst 6 monthsFirst 6 monthsFirst 12 months
Free Cloud StorageN/AN/AYES (2TB)

If you have the Fios 300Mbps (traditional 200Mbps) or 500Mbps (traditional 400Mbps) plan, Verizon corporate discount offers $5 off per month. Then, the users on the Gigabit Connection get to receive a $10 discount.

Note: You can qualify for the Mobile + Home Rewards and the corporate discount with Fios internet at the same time. However, the Mobile + Home Rewards require you to pair the Fios internet package with an Unlimited Mix &Match phone plan. So, you’d have to forego the corporate discount on mobile plans (since it’s on Shared Data plans).

3. Verizon Corporate Discount on Mobile Accessories

Lastly, the Verizon corporate discount also gives eligible employees offers on various mobile accessories. However, the deal is only available when you purchase the featured product online or with the My Verizon app. The deal’s not available on the Verizon retail store, bill-pay kiosks, or even when you order on phone through telesales or customer reps.

Similar to the mobile plans, the total savings on the accessories discount will also vary from corporate to corporate. However, the majority of employers used to have an agreement with the carrier at 50% before dropping by half.

So, right now you’re likely to get 25% off on accessories with your employee discount program. The said accessories can either be phone/ tablet cases, holsters, screen protectors, mono Bluetooth/ wired headsets, and charges.

Note: apple branded products, portable power, stereo headphones, mount & docks, memory cards, and other smart accessories are not eligible for the employee discount.

How to Add Corporate Discount to Verizon Account

Naturally, the first requirement to add a corporate discount to your Verizon account will be to qualify for it. So, have a close look at your employment contract or ask a co-worker if your company has an active agreement with Verizon.

Alternatively, visit Verizon’s discount program page, then tap on the option of “Already have a Verizon wireless account” or “Not yet a Verizon wireless customer”. If it’s the latter, the link will redirect you to a Sign Up page where you’ll need to enter your work email.

If you’re eligible for the employee discount, you’ll receive a confirmation with the total discount amount available from your company. So, you can now proceed and use the onscreen prompts to complete the signup process and register for a discount claim.

If you’re an existing Verizon customer, you can add the corporate discount to your account as follows:

  1. On the Discounts by Verizon Wireless page, tap the “Already have a Verizon wireless account” option. The link will redirect you to a new Sign In page.
  2. On the “Sign in” page, enter your user ID or Verizon phone number and password to access your account
  3. If the sign-in was successful, you’ll get a prompt to enter and confirm your WORK email so you can validate your status on the employee discount
  4. Now login to your WORK email address used in Step (3) and check for a confirmation mail from customerserviceb2b@verizonwireless.com. The confirmation email will also have the subject as “Discounts by Verizon Wireless”.
  5. After you open the confirmation email, tap the “Confirm My Discount” link (it expires within 72 hours).
  6. If the registration for validation was successful, you’ll receive a notification and all you’ll have to do is wait for the processing.
  7.  If your work email couldn’t validate your status on the employee discount, Verizon will ask you to provide a validating document. A pay stub is the best document to upload here, but you could also add any other proof of employment or affiliation with your employer (company).
  8. Once your registration for validation is a success, you can track the processing at Check My Validation Status. You’ll just need to enter your Tracking Number, or Mobile Number and Zip Code in the appropriate input box.
  9. Immediately after Verizon validates your submission, you’ll receive a notice your corporate discount has been successfully added to your account.
  10. Now, you can visit My Verizon online or app to view your discount amount.

If it’s My Verizon online, your discount will be on the “ Discounts” tab on the main menu or “Promotions & Discounts” under the Plan option.

On the My Verizon app, you can view the discount information by selecting the “Bill” tab under the main menu. Then, select Current Bill>> Account Charges and tap the + sign

Important Notes

Verizon only allows registration for the corporate discount if your mobile number has the role of an Account Owner or Account Manager. You can’t apply as an Account Member.

Also, While validating your status with a document in Step (7), Verizon can take up to ten days to review and process. So, try as much as possible to provide an eligible WORK email (not Gmail, Hotmail, or any other personal email addresses).

Commonly Asked Questions:

How do I validate my Verizon discount?

You can validate your Verizon employee discount by signing in to your account. Then, enter your active WORK email address and tap the “Confirm My Discount” link that Verizon sends to your inbox.

Does Verizon give a business discount?

Yes, Verizon does give a business discount of up to $80/ month for the customers who sign up for a qualifying Fios internet and unlimited plan. But both services must be under the business category and activated at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s how you can add a corporate discount to your Verizon mobile account all by yourself. It’s a simple process if you have already fulfilled the requirement and won’t need the extra validation with an employment document.

As you apply for the program, though, remember Verizon requires eligibility after every year. Keep an eye on your account or email so you can renew on time before the carrier removes your benefit.