Food From No Credit Check Companies

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For certain, it’s not every day you’ll have enough cash in hand or a straight credit score. Sometimes your employer can be late sending your month’s check or give you on a Friday- the last of day of business days. Does that mean you’ll have to wait until the coming week to do your usual bulk shopping? No, you shouldn’t. In this article, we’re going to look at the seven best companies that feature buy now pay later food no credit check payment plans you can subscribe.

Just as the name, these programs are similar to Luther Sales and the other Buy now pay later firms out there. The only difference now is that in this case you’re not “borrowing” luxury products but groceries to push through the week.

Do I need a credit card for Buy Now Pay later food Financing

As simple as it spells, buy now pay later food financing is a kind of credit facility itself. However, the service is most popular online as even most of those who support it are virtual companies without a physical address. No, I’m not t talking about the merchants, rather instead the point-of-sale credit departments that allow the retailers to run the “lease-purchase” option.

The good thing about the buy now pay later food program is that you necessarily don’t need a credit card to apply. In fact, the program mostly targets people like you with a poor credit history that other loan facilitators have turned away. You just have to have the qualification requirements, which in most cases is a stable source of income and at least 18 years of age.

More on that, nearly all buy now pay later food payment options are straightforward and quick to apply. Of course, some will run a soft inquiry of your credit stats, but that will be just to determine the amount limit to offer you. So, you won’t have to worry about damaging your score as the hard pull credit does.

Does Walmart have Buy Now Pay Later Food Plans?

While not a lot of people know about it, both Walmart and Amazon store have special financing programs. With the latter, you can only use the plan on eligible items and that’s if you’re qualified as well. The retailer, though, doesn’t rely on the credit report to assess your eligibility but requires a valid credit card affiliated with your Amazon account.

Meanwhile, Walmart has partnered with Affirm to provide affordable spread-out charges. So, it doesn’t require a credit card like its counterpart. However, you must have a mobile number from the U.S. so that the lender can verify it’s you. Once, approved, you can choose your purchase payment plans between 3, 6, or 12 monthly installments.

Even so, you’ll only notice Affirm payment option if your total checkout amount ranges from $150 to $2,000. Also, the program does not apply to products within personal care, pharmacy, alcohol, tobacco, and groceries. Hence, the reason Walmart will not be on our list of eating now pay later food no credit check companies.

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What’s the Best Buy Now Pay later Food No Credit Check

In general, not many food retailers support buy now pay later payment options for clients. And for those who do, they have it in the form of store credit card or an online account as the case with Swiss Colony.

Speaking of the Colony, the Swiss Colony Credit is my first recommendation if you’re looking for a convenient eat now pay later food store. It not only caters to even poor credit history but also offers affordable rates as there are no third-party fees involved.

Some other alternatives of the Swiss Colony include:

The 8 Best Buy Now Pay later Food Financing Reviews

Here is a quick summary of the eight buy now pay later food no credit check companies that you can try if unable to pay for your purchases outright. I have tried to include the features and benefits that make each unique, as well as the drawbacks you ought to know beforehand.

1. Best Overall: The Swiss Colony Credit

As was mentioned, the Swiss Colony is my number one recommendation if you’re looking for a store with a buy now pay later food plan. It’s also one of the oldest food businesses in the U.S., considering this year will be its 95th birthday.

The food company offers a variety of items on the menu, ranging from cakes and candies to cheese and meat products. It also has a special menu for occasions like birthdays, graduation, memorial day, Christmas, and others. So, it can come in handy when you’re low in cash but don’t want to show that to your guests.

The store has multiple payment options, including special credit financing that you can pay later in small installments. Unlike many buy now pay later companies, Swiss Colony solely runs this program. So, it has very friendly payment rates since there are no third-party fees involved.


  • It offers a variety of snacks and desserts
  • Serves both perfect and poor credit score
  • Increases your credit limit in time
  • Delivers purchase to your door
  • Can help improve your credit score
  • It’s easy and quick to apply.


  • It has late fees in certain states
  • Might request a down payment (not all)

2. Best of Fillets: Tender Filet

Be it a meal for only a family or a special occasion, Tender Filet is another impressive retailer that allows you to dine now and pay up later. Just as the name, the firm offers fillets, or otherwise meat meals from various sources, not limited to beef, poultry, lamb, bacon, and sea life.

You can order your tender filets either fresh or as ready-meals from grilling and roasting. All the items come at a friendly budget from as low as $25 to as high as $200.

As a brand of Colony Brands (Swiss Colony), Tender Filet has its credit plan available to all customers. It’s facilitated by the Swiss Colony, thus has no heavy payment plans as those stores relying on external lenders.


  • It has easy and quick approval
  • Available to poor and bad credit
  • Has low monthly payment plans
  • Features a user-friendly website
  • It can help improve your poor credit points


  • It might request some down payment
  • Does report its active accounts to credit bureaus

3. Best of Grocery: Flava Supermarket

At Flava Supermarket, you can get all kinds of groceries other supermarkets have. The only difference is that you’re shopping online on its website instead of a local physical store. So, you’ll need to first sign up for an account, which only will take you like two minutes.

Flava Supermarket usually a stock variety of products, including well-known brands like Cadbury and Kellogg’s. It allows you to pay for the purchase either in full or using small payments over up to four weeks.

In special financing, the store relies on traditional eligibility tests. Thus, doesn’t perform a credit check if that’s your worry. It also doesn’t charge interest or even penalty fees when you’re late to make the re-payments.


  • It doesn’t perform credit check
  • Straightforward and quick to apply
  • Has plenty of grocery choices
  • Offers deliver right up to the door
  • Features budget-friendly payment plans


  • Only offer cupboard staples
  • Does charge delivery fees

4. Best of Pizza: Pro Pizza Ovens

If you would like to chow down your own freshly-made pizzas, the Pro Pizza Ovens could have your answers. Sorry to disappoint, though, as the store does not offer pizza- pizza, rather ovens and accessories to make them. It has a variety of designs to choose from, including wood-fired, gas, and hybrid models.

If you’re in the food business or would like a device fit for camping, Pro Pizza Oven also has mobile and portable ovens.

Furthermore, the store has a flexible payment method that even includes financing programs to pay overtime in 6, 24, or 36 months. However, the payment installments vary across the different products.


  • It’s effortless and quick to apply
  • Offers brand quality products
  • Doesn’t rely on credit report to approve
  • Includes free shipping within the USA
  • It has no interest if paid within 6 months


  • The payment plan charges are a bit high
  • It doesn’t have a local/ physical store

5. Best of Fresh Meals: You Foodz

If you’re reading from Australia, You Foodz has everything you need to enjoy your dinner or special occasion in style. It offers all healthy food, including ready-made meals, snacks, and even drinks (like smoothies and juices). All the ingredients are from local sources and prepared by chefs while still fresh.

You Foodz is both an online and in-store retailer, with over 100 choices on the menu to satisfy your craving. You can enjoy to-door delivery at a small to no fees depending on your order size and your location.

Furthermore, the food store is a partner with Zip pay and Afterpay financing programs. So, you can eat now and pay later with flexible installments regardless of the credit stats. Neither of the credit departments has hidden fees or even interest for as long you pay on time as per the payment schedule.


  • It’s available for bad and poor credit
  • Operates online and in-store
  • Requires no contract to use
  • Easy to apply and get approved
  • Has three payment plan frequencies
  • It delivers fresh, well pre-prepared meals


  • It lacks credit rate transparency
  • Doesn’t serve alcoholic drinks
  • Might charge delivery fees (select regions)

6. Best of Drinks: Hungrily Food Boxes

If you’re in the U.K., Hungrily Food Boxes is another buy now pay later food brand you can try when low in cash. It has various alcohol choices on the menu but you can also get meal options like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, chocolate, and bakery products. All the orders come packed in a box, hence its name “food boxes”.

On a mission to offer competitive prices to its clients, Hungrily Food boxes have partnered with Klarna for smooth and convenient payments. You can either pay for your stuff outright or into three equal installments.

More on that, the company charges no interest or any other fees even if you’re late to settle within your 30-day schedule. It also won’t have any impact on your credit points, meaning it doesn’t report to the Bureau as other lenders.


  • It has fresh and frozen foods
  • Does have alcoholic products
  • Has convenient delivery service
  • Available for perfect to bad credit
  • It has no late penalties or hidden fees


  • It doesn’t display special financing rates
  • Might require a down payment (first installment)

7. Best of Versatility: Zip Pay Finance

Last but not least is an alternative payment option you can use to shop at any of your favorite places in seconds. Be it home décor, clothing, electronics, or groceries, the Zip Pay program allows you to pay anywhere Visa is accepted. It works similarly to the usual plastic credit card, only that you now carry it in your phone.

Speaking of the phone, the credit service app has a positive impression on Google Play, with a 4.8 rating from 52,000+ users. However, it kind has most of its users from iOS devices, considering the App’s over 173,000 reviews.

Best of all, the Zip Pay program is available in various countries, including Australia, UK, and here in the U.S. It only takes minutes to apply and has friendly repayment plans from as low as $10, which you can set weekly, fortnightly (bi-weekly), or monthly.


  • It’s so easy to apply
  • Requires no upfront payments
  • Has affordable, interest-free rates
  • Can grow your amount limit in time
  • It can pay for online and in-store purchases


  • It doesn’t display payment rates
  • Might conduct soft credit check(depending on location).

Key Takeaway: Rate Transparency

From our list, nearly 60% of the buy now pay later food firms don’t display the financing payment plans. This is what I’m referring to as “credit rate transparency”, in case you were wondering. Of course, it’s not a must to be there, but can be very helpful in determining the lender with the perfect payment schedule for you.

To Conclude:

It’s safe to say buy now pay later food no credit check financing is not exactly a bad program if you have the right provider. If unlucky to get your paycheck on time, it can help ensure you have enough meals to cover for the family diner or in case you had an occasion.

Just like with a credit company or banking institution, however, you have to be very careful when choosing a point-of-sale lender. Companies like Tender Filet and The Wisconsin Cheeseman do report their active accounts to credit bureaus. So, inconsistent payment routines could hurt your credit score.

Even so, the involvement of the bureau can still have a positive impression by improving your credit score if you make regular and timely payments. You just have to pick a payment plan with low monthly charges that you’re sure to get even on your worse days.