How to Get a Free Sky Devices Government Tablet For 2024

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Video streaming, online learning, checking the news or emails, and remote viewing your DVR security system are all things you can do with a smartphone. However, a tablet usually has a larger screen, making it easier to use on most of these tasks than a phone. And in this post, we’re going to look at the free Sky Devices government tablet offer, specifically how you can get one.

Sadly, however, it’s not many lifeline providers who give the tablets at no or very low cost. In fact, out of the thirteen companies we mentioned to have free touchscreen government phones, it is only six have a clear policy on the tablets deal. Then, only half of the six you’ll have a chance to get a Sky device.

But before we come to all that, what exactly is a Sky Devices government tablet?

About Sky Devices

Technically, Sky Devices is a mobile phone manufacturer, just like Apple or Samsung. The company has its main headquarter here in the United States- to be exact Miami, Florida.

But like most brands, Sky Devices design its products here in the U.S.A. Then, carries out the manufacturing and assembling in China, which is evident from its low price-point.  

After production, Sky Devices markets its products across the country and also internationally- they even have international models. And that includes not only the catalog for phones and tablets but also the wearable/ smartwatches.

What’s a Free Sky Devices Government Tablet?

As I’ve just mentioned, Sky Devices is a cell phone/ tablet brand like Apple. So, a “free Sky Devices government tablet” is essentially a tablet that you’ll get at no or low cost through government assistance programs.

And similar to the “free” smartphones from a company like Access Wireless or Safelink, these free Sky Devices government tablets are all entry-level models. So, don’t expect the epitome of elegance and convenience in a tablet such as Amazon Fire HD 10  or Apple iPad Pro.

free Sky Devices government tablet
Sky Devices Government Tablet

In fact, the most common free Sky Devices government tablets you’ll get once approved are either 1GB/ 2GB in RAM. A few examples include:

Free Skye Devices Tablet ModelNetwork ConnectivityBuilt-in MemoryScreen Size
Sky Devices Elite OctaX4G & WiFi32GB ROM, 1GB RAM8” w/ 800*1280p  
Sky Devices Platinum A73G & WiFi16GB ROM, 1GB RAM7” w/ 600 x 1024p  
Sky Devices Platinum View 23G & WiFi16GB ROM, 1GB RAM7” w/ 600 x 1024p  
Sky Devices Vision 2Wi-Fi only8GB ROM, 1GB RAM7” w/ 600 x 1024p  
Sky Devices SKY ELITE 7.0L4G & WiFi8GB ROM, 1GB RAM7” w/ 600 x 1024p  
Sky Devices Elite T8 Tablet4G & WiFi32GB ROM, 2GB RAM8” w/ 800*1280p  

How to Get a Free Sky Devices Government Tablet

Well, Sky Devices doesn’t offer any government assistance benefits, and neither is it affiliated with any of the existing programs. So, you’ll have to look out for a registered lifeline provider if you’d like one of these free tablets.

But as mentioned before, even most of the current government assistance programs don’t offer free tablets. Once you apply, almost all of these companies send your free service with a basic smartphone. And like we mentioned when looking at the kind of phone Access Wireless gives you, you can’t dictate the device to get.

So, while applying for a free government tablet, there’s no guarantee you’ll get either of the Sky Devices above. It’s all about what’s available, plus whether you qualify for only a smartphone or plus a tablet.

On the qualification, the free Sky Devices government tablet promos require you to qualify for the ACP benefits. The ACP (or Affordable Connectivity Program) is the replacement of the previous Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) that the government launched as Coronavirus relief.

But similar to the EBB, the ACP eligibility requirements are still as for the Lifeline- a low income at/ below 135% of the federal poverty guideline or participation in government-funded programs. Such programs include Medicaid, Food Stamps, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Supplementary Security Income (SSI), Veteran Survivors Pension, et cetera.

In other words, you automatically qualify for a free government tablet if you’re already receiving lifeline benefits. However, the rule still limits one device per household without, of course,  considering the smartphone received with the lifeline program.

What Companies are Giving Free Sky Devices Government Tablet?

As was mentioned earlier, only three lifeline companies are currently offering the free  Sky Devices tablets. They include:

1. Standup

Indeed, Standup Wireless is the first lifeline provider that gives a free Sky Devices government tablet. The tablets come locked to the carrier’s service, but you can also connect with your home WiFi (if available).

However, the Federal Communication Commission (or FCC), which is overseeing ACP utilization provides that you can only get a discount of up to $100 on the connected devices. Hence, the reason the featured tablets are all low-end models.

Note: in most scenarios, Standup Wireless will either send you the 8-inch Sky Devices Elite OctaX or Elite T8 tablet. But if neither is available, you can also get an NUU or Vortex tablet.

2. Q Link Wireless

When looking at the Phones That Are Compatible With Q Link Wireless, we did mention you can get new tablets at discounted pricing. That includes not only in the retail department but also when you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

In fact, Q Link is the most discussed lifeline provider on Reddit when it comes to the question of free government tablets. But the company mostly sends the branded Q Link Scepter 8 tablet, which also has an 8-inch display and 16GB/1GB memory. So, the Sky Devices tablet is more of a backup supply when the Scepter is out of stock.

3. En Touch Wireless

En Touch Wireless is another lifeline provider you can get the ACP benefit, including up to a $100 discount on a connected device. The connected device in this case is a tablet, but the carrier is pretty dodgy and offers little details on the offer.

On the Affordable Connectivity Program page, the company only says you can get a $100 discount on “certain connected devices”. So, there’s no guarantee the free government tablet will be the Sky Devices model, as with Standup Wireless.

Other Companies giving free government tablets from other brands:

4. TerraCom Wireless

TerraCom Wireless isn’t the most famous lifeline program, but they’re pretty straightforward on their discounted government tablets policy.

On the Affordable Connectivity Program, the company provides that eligible customers qualify for free service and a $100 discount on a laptop, desktop PC, or tablet. But since they don’t deal with computers, you can only get free unlimited data + text + talk and a one-time tablet.

5. TruConnect

TruConnect has also updated its Affordable Connectivity Program page, advertising the discount on the tablet. Of course, they also don’t mention the kind of device to expect, but they’ve said it’ll be an 8-inch Android tablet with LTE support.

6. American Assistance

The American Assistance is another lifeline provider you’ll likely not find on the top page of the web. But unlike EnTouch Wireless, they’re pretty open on their phone plans and discounts on the connected devices.

As for the said discounted devices, the customers eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program will get a free tablet computer. But similar to TerraCom & TruConnect, you’ll have to wait for the device they ships to your address.

Remember the FCC Fee

If you were looking for a free Sky Devices government tablet, these are the four key points you’ve got to remember. This includes the fact that Sky Devices is a manufacturer, which doesn’t offer or affiliate with either of the lifeline providers.

So, the only way you can get the free government tablet will be by qualifying for the affordable connectivity program (ACP). And even then, the FCC provides that you’re only eligible for up to the  $100 discount if you “contribute a minimum fee of $10”.

Therefore, after Standup Wireless or any of the other lifeline companies ships and deliver your free tablet, you’ll receive an invoice bill for the $10 co-pay payment.