Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything in 2024

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Are you a heavy data user? Or are you struggling to work from home because of limited internet? If yes, you certainly might want to try free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. The program lets you enjoy texting, calling, and browsing as much you might want at no cost. That’s to say the service offer is better than the standard lifeline program that only gives you a free cell phone and fixed (limited) wireless plans.

But again, you’ll still have to go through lifeline providers with free government phones to receive an unlimited everything phone plan. So, you’ll still need to meet specific requirements like citizenship and participate in a federal assistance program or have a low income.

Is Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything Real?

If there’s something we’ve learned so far, the things we get from sellers are not always as was advertised. The same happens in telecommunication, whereby the providers will use catchy phrases to promote their services and entice customers to subscribe. A good example is with our phrase “free cell phone service for unlimited everything”. But is such an offer even a real thing?

Well, surprisingly, these offers are there and from a number of providers. However, the real deals that you find in the package aren’t what you probably expected. This is so as in many of the cases you’ll have to chip in something to get that that “free service” and in unlimited amount.

But again, in some cases, or rather one scenario, you can still get free unlimited phone services at zero fees. However, you must be worthy of it and even prove yourself.

How Can I Get Free Unlimited Cell Phone Service For Life?

Technically, the Lifeline program is the single sure way you can get a free cell phone and free unlimited phone service. The assistance benefit usually comes from select carriers (mobile virtual network operators), but the government finances it through the Federal Universal Service Fund.

While the lifeline program is open to every U.S. citizen, not all get to qualify for it. Furthermore, many of the cell phone plan rates are limited to a certain amount, with most offering 1000 minutes talk minutes and less than 5GB of data. Nonetheless, the free monthly plans usually have unlimited text messages, which is more like a backup option if the talk minutes finish early.

But then, how then can you get free unlimited cell phone service for life if many plans have fixed monthly plans? Truth, the lifeline assistance program serves each state differently from the other. The qualification requirements and the allotted free minutes, browsing data, and text messages vary from region to region.

Usually, California has the most generous plan of all states, including unlimited call minutes and texts. The browsing data allowance is also more than most, with some offering unlimited allowance (with no cap) through the newly-introduced Emergency Broadband Benefit.

Do I Qualify for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Plan?

Put simply, the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) is an assistance program that brings affordable internet service to qualifying low-income households. In other words, it’s more like the lifeline program from the federal government funds. So, it will be an automatic qualification if already you’re on services like Access Wireless and Assurance Wireless.

However, the EBB doesn’t sync up into your existing lifeline account automatically. You still need to opt-in and select the broadband benefit plan fit for you.

If you’re not enrolled in the Lifeline program, you could still apply with USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) at However, the qualification requirements are more like with the lifeline services, whereby it’s limited to only one member per household. Then, you can qualify if you’re on either of the government assistance programs or an income at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything
Free Cell Phone Service

Furthermore, you can also qualify for the discounted internet service if you’ve been laid off or furloughed since February 2020. But then, you must have the formal notice letter, application for unemployment insurance benefits, or other similar documents.

Another thing, the emergency broadband benefit is also available from the main carriers (like AT&T). Nonetheless, lifeline providers do have far much better rates in that you can get everything unlimited. But again, the bandwidth speed of the last days of the month won’t be as fast as the beginning.

For instance, the EnTouch Wireless Free EBB data plan starts with 10GB 4G/ LTE of high-speed data. Once that premium allotment is over, the network will then reduce to a 1Mbps browsing speed, which you can use for up to 5GB. And after you finish that as well, you’ll have the remainder (unlimited) at up to 512kbps.

Even so, a few providers, such as Cintex Wireless and NewPhone Wireless have no data cap. So, you’ll receive unlimited browsing data throughout- all month long, at the speed of the plan you’re on. Other providers, as we shall see below, only have the fixed high-speed data allowance, but more than the standard lifeline bundle.

The 15 Best Providers with Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything in 2024

A) The following are eight lifeline providers that you can get unlimited data, unlimited talk minutes, and unlimited text at no cost.

Lifeline Phone Provider Free Unlimited everything High-Speed Data Plan Rate
Cintex Wireless YES No Caps
NewPhone Wireless YES No Caps
Q Link Wireless YES No Caps
Easy Wireless YES 25GB
Feelsafe Wireless
enTouch Wireless
Safelink YES 15GB
Assurance Wireless YES 10GB

B) Here now are some Lifeline carriers who have Free unlimited plans (talk minutes and text messages), but free fixed (limited) data.

Lifeline Phone Provider Free Unlimited Plan Free Data Plan Rate
Tempo Telecom YES 4.5-Gigabyte
American Assistance YES 6-Gigabyte
TAG Mobile YES 8-Gigabyte
StandUp Wireless YES 10-Gigabyte
SafetyNet Wireless YES 12-Gigabyte
TrueConnect YES 14-Gigabyte
Life Wireless YES 30-Gigabyte

1. Cintex Wireless

If you’re working or studying from home, Cintex Wireless is one of the top lifeline programs you can try. Yes, the standard lifeline usually gives only 4.5GB of data, but after combining it with the EBB discounts, you can now enjoy unlimited everything. That’s unlimited data, talk, and text without having to pay any charges.

Cintex Wireless Unlimited has no data caps. So, you’ll get to receive the same browsing data speed throughout the month.

2. NewPhone Wireless

Similarly, NewPhone Wireless is offering unlimited high-speed data bundle all the time, all month long. The internet packet also comes with free unlimited voice minutes, text messages, voicemail, 911 access, picture messaging, and 3-way calling. In other words, you’ll never have to make phone/ broadband bills as long your lifeline + EBB qualification stand.

3. Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless also gives you unlimited data, talk minutes, and texting if you qualify for both the lifeline and EBB discount. The provider also claims you’ll get a free new tablet but the offer is for a limited time like the EBB program. Furthermore, you can choose to keep your unlimited everything plan after EBB expires, but at the standard prepaid rates.

4. Easy Wireless

If your household is eligible, Easy Wireless unlimited includes unlimited talk, text, and data with even a personal Hotspot. However, the unlimited data will start with 25GB at high speed, then reduces the bandwidth when that finishes.

If you decide to keep the unlimited everything plan, the virtual network does allow, but at the standard prepaid plan.

5. Feelsafe Wireless

FeelSafe Wireless also combines your Lifeline and EBB to bring you unlimited text, talk minutes, and web data at zero fees. Nonetheless, you’ll only get 22GB at 4/ LTE speed, then the remainder at reduced speeds. Furthermore, the free unlimited cell phone service is available (for now) for both California and non-California residents.

6. enTouch Wireless

As an existing or otherwise qualified enTouch Wireless Lifeline customer, you can as well enjoy unlimited data, talk, and text at no cost. However, the free unlimited data features an allowance of 20-gigabyte at high 4G/ LTE speeds. And after that finishes, you can browse the remaining days at lower (up to 512kbps) speeds.

7. Safelink

Similarly, Safelink Wireless will provide free unlimited talk, text, and data per month if you qualify for the lifeline and EBB discount. You’ll also receive free unlimited international calls to landline and wireless cell phone numbers. But again, you can only dial up to fifteen unique phone numbers, and also get up to 10-15GB of data (varies by state) for a personal Hotspot.

8. Tempo Telecom

If your location is strong with T-Mobile coverage, Tempo Telecom also has a friendly lifeline bundle you can try. However, not everything is unlimited but only for the monthly minutes and text messages. Then, the data includes only 4.5GB, though you can always top-up as needed.

9. American Assistance

In the California Premium lifeline plan, the American Assistance network gives eligible consumers unlimited monthly voice minutes and text, plus 6GB of data for free. You can also get unlimited voice minutes and texts, plus 4.5GB of internet data if you’re in Kentucky. However, you’ll need to pay a minimum renewable fee each month.

10. TAG Mobile

Similarly, TAG Mobile has fixed data allotment but unlimited voice minutes and texts on the free lifeline program. As a Californian, you can get up to 8GB of browsing data, whereas non-Californians get 1GB of free data. However, you can always add extra high-speed data into your account, from as little as five dollars.

11. StandUp Wireless

When you meet the requirements, StandUp Wireless combines your lifeline and EBB program to give you unlimited talk and data, plus 10GB of data. The free internet allowance has high 5G speeds and also does support Mobile Hotspot connectivity. If your needs are beyond, you can upgrade to the StandUp Superior plan with 11GB of data, or else choose another provider.

12. SafetyNet Wireless

In California, SafetyNet Wireless provides unlimited talk minutes and texts, and up to 6GB of data for free. However, you can also opt-in free EBB offer and receive an additional 6GB- making a total of 12GB. Meanwhile, non-Californian states get 4.5GB to 5.5GB (varies by state) from the EBB plan and up to 4.5GB for the standard lifeline benefit.

13. TrueConnect

The TruConnect EBB + lifeline plan features up to 14GB of high-speed 4G/ LTE data if in California. Then, up to 12.5GB of 4G/ LTE data in case you’re applying from outside California. The free data also comes with unlimited talk minutes and texting, regardless you’re in California or a different state. Moreover, you can add more airtime for the Unlimited data plan if your needs are higher.

14. Life Wireless

Last but not is Life Wireless, which you can also consider if you need free unlimited cell phone service. However, the free unlimited text and minutes are only available to select states, not limited to Kentucky and California. In other locations, you’ll get fixed phone plan rates, and also you might need to pay a minimum on-time fee.

Important Notes:

Unlike the Lifeline program (permanent), the Emergency broadband benefit is a temporary program that is under the COVID-19 relief funds. While there’s no exact day to say, the free internet program is likely to end with the COVID-19 health emergency. However, it can also expire early in case the sponsoring funds are exhausted before then.

After the program is over, all EBB active accounts will revert to the standard lifeline perks. However, you may choose to continue with the unlimited plan, but then, you’ll need to upgrade to the prepaid bundle.

Speaking of prepaid, by the way, various paid personal and business phone services have unlimited phone plans that you can use too. You might be surprised to find even cheaper rates than some lifeline upgrade bundles.

The 13 Best Prepaid Cell Phone Services for Life Unlimited Everything At/ Below $50

Here are some carriers and mobile virtual network operators that you can receive cell phone service for life unlimited everything at a minimum fee.

Prepaid/ Postpaid Cellphone Plan Free Talk/ Text/ Data Premium
High-Speed Data
Current Rates Status
Boom! Mobile Unlimited 4GB $17/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans
Red Pocket Mobile Unlimited 3GB $20/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans
Cricket Wireless Unlimited No Caps
(Congestion Man.)
$25/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans
T-Mobile Unlimited 50 GB $25/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans
Google Fi Unlimited 22 GB $30/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans
Black Wireless Unlimited 10 GB $30/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans
TerraCom Wireless Unlimited No Caps $40/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans
FreeUp Mobile Unlimited 15 GB $45/ month
(per line)
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Teltik Unlimited No Caps $45/ month
(per line)
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Altice Mobile Unlimited 20 GB $45/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans
Armed Forces Wireless Mobile Unlimited No Caps $50/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans
Boost Mobile Unlimited 35 GB $50/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans
AT&T Unlimited 22 GB $50/ month
(per line)
View Other Plans

15. Boom! Mobile

Boom! Mobile is one of the top virtual network operators if you need premium cell phone service for life unlimited everything. It has up to 23 different plan rates to choose from, starting as low as $10 to $370. At seventeen bucks, you can get the Boom! Purple plan, which features 4GB premium 5G/ 4G LTE data. After that finishes, you’ll get unlimited data but at slower speeds of 2G. By the way, the texting and voice minutes are also unlimited.

16. Red Pocket Mobile

Red Pocket Mobile also has amazing prepaid plans, including unlimited everything allowances. So, you can enjoy non-stop voice minutes, text messages, and browsing data. Furthermore, the unlimited plan includes free internal calls worldwide, and also you can choose between GSM-AT&T, CDMA-Sprint, CDMA-Verizon, and GSM-T-Mobile networks. However, each cell phone plan has a fixed high-speed data, which will switch your account to 2G unlimited speeds once exhausted.

17. Cricket Wireless

If your location is strong in the AT&T network, you can try Cricket Wireless and see if it meets yours need. The virtual network operator has various 5G and 4G LTE plans to choose from, including two with unlimited everything. The best part, the unlimited data plan has no caps but congestion management, which will slow data speeds only when the network is too busy. Here is a comparison between Cricket wireless vs metro wireless networks.

18. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the best parent carrier networks, but number one if you need reasonable phone service for life unlimited everything. The unlimited service is under the wireless business plans, whereby you can get limitless talk minutes, text messages, and data. However, the monthly allotment starts with 50GB premium data at high speeds, after which it’ll drop to lower speeds.

19. Google Fi

If you have high demands of data and call minutes, Google Fi could also be worth a check. It features several phone plans to consider, including multiple options with unlimited data, text, and talk minutes. However, the provider gives up to 22GB premium data, after which the bandwidth speed drops to a lower browsing speed.

20. Black Wireless

At Black Wireless, you can get the unlimited everything cell phone plan in three different options. The Best Value phone plan bundle includes free data, text, and talk for even international numbers from up to 50 countries. But again, you’ll only get 10GB of premium 4GLTE data, then slow 128kbps speed thereafter.

21. TerraCom Wireless

Although it’s a lifeline program, TerraCom Wireless only brings you unlimited talk, text, and data under the Non-Lifeline plan. The plan is more like a prepaid upgrade bundle as you must pay a minimum monthly fee. However, you can also go for the FREE lifeline plan, which includes unlimited text messaging, up to 10,000 voice minutes, and 4.5GB of data at no charge.

22. FreeUp Mobile

Currently, FreeUp Mobile has an ongoing offer that gives you unlimited talk minutes, texting, and data at only $30 per month. Moreover, you’ll get free international calling to Canada, Mexico, and other over sixty destinations. However, you’ll only get 15GB 4G LTE high-speed data per month, after which it reduces to slower speeds.

23. Teltik

Overall, Teltik Communications Inc. usually provides business phone plans, albeit you can use them for household as well. In its premium unlimited plan, the network provider offers unlimited 4G/ 5G data, talk minutes, and text messaging. You can also use the Hotspot functionality, as well as call Canada or Mexico at no charges.

24. Altice Mobile

Similarly, Altice Mobile sends you a phone plan bundle with unlimited data, text messaging, and voice minutes. The Unlimited GB plan will first give you fixed 20GB high-speed data, then the remainder at reduced speeds. Moreover, you can customize a family plan account of up to five lines, though at the same rates.

25. Armed Forces Wireless Mobile

My AF Mobile, also called Armed Forces Wireless Mobile, is yet another paid phone service you can check for unlimited everything plans. Each month, you can get unlimited talk minutes, text messaging, and 4G data to work or study at home. The service bundle contains no data caps, plus you can finance the latest smartphone with Affirm.

26. Boost Mobile

At Boost Mobile, you can as well enjoy unlimited everything cell phone plans with either individual or family plans. For the latter, the provider allows you to add up to three lines in a single account, whereby you’ll get limitless talk minutes, text messaging, and 2G browsing data. However, your monthly plan will be starting with premium 35GB 4G LTE data, which you could even share on a Mobile Hotspot.

27. At&T

If you’re willing to pay fifty a month, AT&T Prepaid (main carrier network) does have unlimited data, text messaging, and talk minutes. You’ll also get unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada, as well as unlimited text messaging to 100+ countries. Even so, the monthly unlimited data will start with 22GB high-speed bandwidth before switching to slower speeds.

Final Thought

Other than the 28 choices, we still have other cell phone providers that you can get unlimited data, texting, and talking minutes. Even Verizon does have its own Unlimited everything bundles, but the cheapest single-line account costs around $70 per month. Hence, the reason I didn’t have it on my listing.

Regardless, the article has included more than enough options that you can consider for your high data consumption habit. So, hopefully, you have found a legit network you can depend on. If not and you qualify for the free lifeline benefits, you can check whether Cintex Wireless and Easy Wireless have good reception in your location. Not only do they have %100 free cell phone service for life unlimited everything, but also no data caps or overage charges. So, you will get unlimited data, texting, and voice minutes all the time, all month along.

In case you don’t qualify for the lifeline assistance, then you can try Cricket Wireless as its unlimited also have no data caps.