The 8 Best Virgin Mobile Phones Compatible with Assurance Wireless

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Assurance Wireless is one of the providers to go for if you need free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the Virgin Mobile phones compatible with Assurance Wireless in case you have one. Or else if you come across one on a great deal.

As you (possibly) know, Assurance Wireless used to be under Virgin Mobile USA before T-Mobile took over last year, 2020. However, cell phone manufacturers like Motorola, LG, Samsung, Kyocera, and others still have some devices they have already locked to Virgin Mobile. So, you could get a great deal on the select models and use them at home.

For example, a Virgin Mobile LG Tribute HD retails around $79, whereas the same model on Boost Mobile costs $179.99. This means you have a chance to save up to a hundred bucks, which you could use for something else. And in case you’re on the Assurance Wireless program, there are chances the provider could allow you to use the phone.

Virgin Mobile Phones Compatible with Assurance Wireless

What are the Best Virgin Mobile Phones Compatible with Assurance Wireless

First of all, Assurance Wireless does provide free cell phones after signing up for their service. However, select Virgin Mobile Phones are also compatible with their service in case you needed a replacement.

Some of them include:

What You Need to Know about Virgin Mobile Phones/ Assurance Wireless Compatibility

As was mentioned, Virgin Mobile USA used to be the “owner” of the Assurance Wireless lifeline program. Sadly, however, Sprint decided to Kill Virgin Mobile brand after its successful merger with T-Mobile during the first quarter of 2020. So, the new T-Mobile is the current owner of the lifeline program, though all customers still receive the same minutes and data.

But as we know, about all T-Mobile virtual network services have a lenient compatibility policy, whereby you can use most unlocked cell phones. However, Assurance Wireless has never been friendly on the BYOD (bring your own device) rule and hardly activates phones from other carriers. You have to use their service with the phone that they send after approving your application.

Even so, all Virgin Mobile PayLo phones, like the nine above, are compatible with the Assurance Wireless lifeline program. The devices are, indeed, really old models, but they could be enough for basic operations if you needed any functional phone.

Note, Assurance Wireless is now part of the T-Mobile Family. The old subscribers of Virgin Mobile were also folded to the Boost Mobile, a prepaid MVNO on the T-Mobile network. So, select devices from the carrier should now be compatible.

In fact, an Assurance Wireless on Quora says he was forced to switch to a T-Mobile compatible phone. And just like before, the devices provided are older models that can be a huge pain if you need more than just calling.

Comparing The Features Of The Virgin Mobile Phones Compatible With Assurance Wireless

Here is a quick summary of the best-rated Virgin Mobile PayLo phone that you could use with your Assurance Wireless account

Cell Phone BrandInterfaceInternet/ EmailKey Features
Samsung Montage BlackDual keyboardYES2.4” color display2.0MP rear camera Bluetooth connectivity
Kyocera Contact Black PhoneDual keyboardYES2.4” TFT display2.0MP rear camera Bluetooth connectivity
Kyocera Kona Black Flip PhoneNormal KeyboardYES2.4”& 1.44” display2.0MP rear camera Bluetooth connectivity
Samsung Entro Flip PhoneNormal KeyboardYES1.8” TFT display128MB memoryM4, T4 Compatible
Kyocera Jax Slim PhoneNormal KeywordYES1.8” color display Download items Social networking sites
Kyocera Oystr Flip PhoneNormal KeywordYES65,000 color display Downloadable content Bluetooth connectivity
LG LG200 PhoneQwerty keyboardYES2.2” color displayMP3 music ringersUSB/ Bluetooth support
LG Aspire T40C Touchscreen PhoneTouchscreenYES3.2 capacitive display2MP rear camera32GB MicroSD slot
Kyocera 2300 PayLo PhoneQwertyYES2.2” color display Social networking accessM4, T4 compatible

1. Samsung Montage Black QWERTY Phone

The Samsung Montage is a simple, basic phone that you could use with your Assurance Wireless. Yes, the device is carrier-locked to the Virgin Mobile network, but the Lifeline provider could move your account to it if you requested.

Unlike many, this Samsung phone has dual interface input, featuring the normal and qwerty keyboard layout. The qwerty keyboard has a slide-out design, whereby you can pull it in/ out from the left frame of the phone.

More on that, the phone has internet support in that you can use it for basic browsing, emailing, and picture messaging. It also has a 2MP rear-mount camera, but that’s almost unusable when compared to what the latest smartphones have.

2. Kyocera Contact Black Slider Phone

Similarly, the Kyocera device has dual interface input, including a slideout qwerty keyboard layout to help you type faster. This also means you could use the phone display in either the portrait or landscape orientation.

Regardless, the Kyocera Contact is still a basic phone, specifically for making calls and texting. The handset is internet capable such that you can use it to browse the web, picture messaging, send/ receive emails, or to down more graphics and ringtones.

In addition to that, the phone does support Bluetooth connectivity if you wanted to share stuff with another phone. You could even take some pictures, though the integrated camera isn’t powerful enough for vivid footage.

3. Kyocera Kona Black Colored Flip Phone

Even with the new generation of smartphones, flip phones remain iconic. Kyocera is one of the few brands that are still making them, which explains why the Kona series is still in the market today.

Needless to say, this phone has a stylish look, with a blend of silver and black colors. It also has both internal and external colored displays, in which case you can see who’s calling without having to open it.

Furthermore, the Kyocera Kona flip phone has Bluetooth function, email support, and web access. So, don’t think you’re only limited to texting and calling.

4. Samsung Entro Black Virgin Mobile Flip Phone

This is yet another Virgin mobile phone that you can use to activate and use your free Assurance Wireless account. It’s also a flip phone, and a decent-looking one from the textured housing, if you’re not interested in many bells and whistles. But again, this doesn’t mean you’re limited to only texting and calling.

The Samsung Entro does have internet support, which you could use to search articles and other information from the web. It can also send emails, share picture messages, as well as snap simple pictures and recordings.

4. Kyocera Jax Slim Prepaid virgin mobile Phone

As simple as it looks, the Kyocera Jax phone can also be an excellent piece for communication. Yes, the screen is relatively small (1.8 inches) but the fonts, plus the app icons are large and easy to read for even the seniors. The keyboard buttons are also large and easy to press, then there’s TTY/ TDD support for the hearing impaired.

More to love, the phone has access to various social networking sites if you’re in either of them. There’s also a Buddy Beacon that lets you share your location with family or friends, web browser, plus you can download items.

5. Kyocera Oystr Virgin Mobile Prepaid Flip Phone

Last but not least, we have the Kyocera Oystr, which is another Virgin Mobile PayLo flip phone compatible with Assurance Wireless. It offers a full-color display, which is pretty bright and easy to read both the internal phone is open (internal screen) and closed (external screen).

If you need the phone for a senior, the keyboard numbers and numerics are also relatively large to miss. Then, the speakerphone does enable you to hear the person on the other end perfectly.

Furthermore, the phone allows you to control some functions through simple voice commands. And in case interested, it has web browsing capabilities, as well as downloadable graphics, wallpapers, artist recordings, or superphonic ringtones.

Important Notes:

Following the end of Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile’s takeover, I’m not sure whether the PayLo phones will remain compatible with assurance wireless for long. Actually, T-Mobile is planning to shut down Sprint’s 2G GSM and 3G UMTS next year, 2022. So, you have to be very keen as many of the Virgin Mobile PayLo phones only support up to 3G.

Common Related Questions:

Can you use Virgin Mobile phones with Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless before and after T-Mobile is still against people bring their phones to the service. However, you can use Virgin mobile phones compatible with Assurance Wireless, especially the basic standard and flip phones. This policy doesn’t include smartphones, though the provider does accept the LG Aspire T40C.

What phones are Virgin Mobile compatible?

Virgin Mobile USA is no longer active today. The T-Mobile/ Sprint merger forced it to join and move its existing customers to Boost Mobile. However, various manufacturers still have phones locked to Virgin Mobile, and some are compatible with the Assurance Wireless program. Few examples include:

Final Thoughts

As an Assurance Wireless customer, keeping your service active is very important. Once they approve you but fail to utilize the give minutes and data, you could lose service and also your account.

Regardless, many of the phones that lifeline providers give their customers are outdated models for just communication. Even the Virgin mobiles phones compatible with assurance wireless are mostly basic phones, not smartphones. Of course, some of the handsets are decent and usable, in particular to the seniors. But for the working class, you might need a smartphone that you can as well use for work-related stuff or streaming movies on the go.

Luckily, however, T-Mobile might force Assurance to relax some of its rules and we might see them introducing BYOD support soon. So, you can check the page later as I will keep updating as more details emerge.