The Two Ways How to Get Boost Mobile Free Tablet In 2024

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Can I get a Boost Mobile free tablet? Yes, Boost Mobile has an ongoing deal of a free tablet. The cell phone provider offers the device deal in two different programs. But in both cases, the Boost Mobile free tablet has at least an 8-inch display, 32GB built-in memory, and 3GB RAM.

While the specs are not the best, they are good enough for most applications. You can use the tablet for not only communicating with friends and connecting on social platforms. It’s also can handle your schoolwork, basic work files, video conferencing, stream videos/ movies, read digital books, manage CCTV, etc.

In this post, we’ll look at everything you should know on how to get a Boost Mobile free tablet today. It covers where you can apply the deal, how to qualify, and what brand you’ll get.

Boost Mobile is Certainly One of a Kind

Boost Mobile is one of the many mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to consider for a prepaid phone service. It was an MVNO and brand of Sprint.

After Sprint and T-Mobile merged in 2020, T-Mobile sold Boost Mobile to DISH. However, the MVNO continued to use the T-Mobile network.

Shortly after, Dish made a new network deal with AT&T company. So, the towers Boost Mobile uses currently are AT&T and T-Mobile.

What this means is that Boost Mobile has coverage in more places than most MVNOs. The drawback is that you can only choose one network at a time: Boost Mobile on AT&T or T-Mobile SIM.

While the use of two carrier networks is special, it’s not new to MVNOs. But Boost Mobile is one of the companies that give a free phone when you join, which is rare for an MVNO.

Besides phones, Boost Mobile also tends to give away free tablets. This is not new, considering most companies you can apply for a free tablet from the government are ACP providers. And most of the ACP providers are MVNOs.

The Two Ways How to Get Boost Mobile Free Tablet In 2024
Boost Mobile Free Tablet

Nevertheless, it’s not many regular prepaid MVNOs give away free tablets, either from the government or the occasional promotional deals. And this makes Boost Mobile special as they currently give away a free tablet under both types of offers.

How to Get Boost Mobile Free Tablet Today

Boost Mobile offers a free tablet under two different programs: Occasional Prepaid deals and ACP program.

Option 1: Boost Mobile Free Tablet with Occasional Prepaid Promos

In this first option, Boost Mobile gives a free tablet when you join their prepaid phone service. The free tablet is only limited to new customers. Thus, it’s more of a charm to help steal new subscribers from competitors.

Like with most gifts, you can’t pick the kind of free Boost Mobile tablet to get in the prepaid promos. The tablet you get is often from the featured brands, which are not many of them.

Moreover, Boost Mobile only gives away free tablets when you join with either of the featured prepaid phone plans. The “featured phone plans” currently are only the 5GB plan with a promotional price of $15/ month.

To qualify for this tablet promo, you must also purchase the 5GB service as a 6-month bundle. So, you should check out at $90, which excludes taxes.

**Tax amounts vary with state- like here in California, the taxes are $0.61 and $2.02 surcharge. So, you get to pay $92.63 to qualify for the Boost tablet.

How to Apply Boost Mobile Free Tablet with the Prepaid Promo

The process to apply for a free Tablet from Boost Mobile with the prepaid promo is very easy. You only need to:

  1. Grab an internet-enabled laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or phone.
  2. VisitBoost Mobile tablet promo deals. Then, enter your area zip code and a valid email to “Check Availability” of the promo.
  3. If the Boost Mobile prepaid tablet promo is available in your location, you’ll get a checkout page. Enter your personal information, including name, and physical/ billing address
  4. Choose a “payment method” that you wish to use to settle the due amount. The two options available are a payment card and PayPal.
  5. Finally, confirm your details of the order. Then, hit the buying button.

What Kind of Tablet Boost Mobile Give You with the Prepaid Promo?

After receiving your order for the free tablet deal, Boost Mobile will prepare and ship it to your address. The physical address you provided on the checkout page is what the company will use for delivery.

As for the delivery, the kind of tablet Boost Mobile gives you for free in this prepaid promo is a TCL Tab Lite. The tablet has a value of $119.50, which means you get to save a total of $180. How so?

The Boost Mobile 5GB plan with the free tablet deal has a regular cost of $25/ month. When you pay $90 for the six months of the deal, the total savings will be $60. If you add the $60 savings to $120, you get a total of $180.

While the discounted tablet is no iPad or Samsung Galaxy tab, it’s still amazing. Some of the best specs of the device include:

  • A wide 8-inch display
  • Up to 4G LTE network
  • WiFi 5 (802.11ac) connectivity
  • Supports Bluetooth v5.0 protocol
  • 32GB built-in storage & 3GB RAM
  • A MicroSD slot to expand your storage
  • Captures decent videos in 1080p at 30fps
  • Mobile Hotspot capability of up to 10 devices

Limitations of the Boost Mobile Free Tablet with Prepaid Deals

Are you still interested in the Boost Mobile free tablet on the prepaid promos? If yes, there are some limitations on the device deal you should know. They include:

  1. Limited to one brand: As just said, Boost Mobile free tablet is only available with a TCL tab. It doesn’t have multiple choices as with the free phone switcher deals.
  2. Limited to one person: Boost Mobile has a free tablet with the prepaid plan for only one per customer. Don’t expect to get multiple free tablets even when with multiple lines on your account.
  3. Limited to various states: when you apply for the free tablet from Boost Mobile, you get a prompt to enter your area zip code. The prepaid tablet promo might not be in your area, as some states don’t have the 6-month bundle of 5GB plan.
  4. Limited to only Online Purchases: Boost Mobile is one of the few MVNOs that have physical stores you can visit to shop or seek assistance. Sadly, though, the Boost Mobile free tablet with the prepaid promo is ONLY for online purchases.
  5. The tablet is carrier-locked: all the phones and tablets Boost Mobile sells are usually locked to its network. The device unlock policy of the carrier states that you only become eligible for unlocking after a year since activation. It’s only deployed military can unlock their devices before this period.

Option 2: Boost Mobile Free Tablet with ACP Program

The second way how to get a Boost Mobile free tablet is with the ACP program.

ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) is a broadband benefit that the government created in 2021 to lower internet bills. The program is a longer-term replacement of the previous emergency broadband benefit (EBB).

Boost Mobile is one of the prepaid phone providers that are participating in the ACP program. In this program, eligible consumers get a $30 discount per month ($75 on tribal lands) towards the purchase of mobile broadband service.

Apart from the monthly service, the ACP program offers up to a $100 discount to purchase a connected device. The FCC, which oversees the ACP program, has the discount of a “connected device” for only a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet PC.

Boost Mobile is on the list of prepaid ACP providers with the device discount. But like most, it offers a discount on tablets, instead of laptops or computers.

TBoost Mobile Tablet
TBoost Mobile Tablet

That said, the Boost Mobile ACP plan page has nothing about the carrier offering a tablet discount. What happens is that you get the free tablet with ACP from authorized dealers of Boost Mobile.

One of the Boost Mobile dealers that have been advertising the discounted tablets with ACP is at 1723 Main St., Lafayette, IN 47904. It’s convenient as you get to walk away with the free tablet on the same day.

Speaking of free, you should know the tablet discount with the ACP program is usually not a 100% freebie. FCC policies on the ACP program require all the companies with the device discount to charge a minimal copayment fee.

In this copayment policy, an applicant should contribute less than $50 but more than $10. The Boost Mobile dealers with the ACP tablet from the government have listed $10.01 for this copayment fee. And this perfectly falls within the requirements of the FCC.

How to Qualify for Boost Mobile Free Tablet with ACP Program

First, the Boost Mobile free tablet with the ACP program is not available for online enrollment. Even then, I’ve noticed the online enrollment form of the program is experiencing some issues.

When I attempted to enroll with my details, the system always went down after entering my address details. Then, I get a message to contact the customer care number for assistance. (Please try on your end and see if you’ll succeed).

In any case, Boost Mobile gives away discounted tablets with the ACP program at authorized dealer stores. A few months ago, you’d also find Boost Mobile sales rep camped in the streets offering this discount.

Whichever delivery method you use, the Boost tablet with the ACP program is only available to low-income families. For the enrollment agent to consider you eligible for the tablet offer, you must:

  • Have a low household income with a total at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines
  • Participate in an eligible government assistance benefit. Some of these assistance benefits include:
  • Medicaid
  • SNAP or Food Stamps
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Veterans Pension and Vetern’s Survivors benefit
  • Free and reduced-price school breakfast and school lunch programs
  • Student’s federal Pell Grant in the current award year
  • Participate in tribal-based assistance benefits from the government. Some examples include:
  • Tribal Head Start benefit
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families


If currently on a lifeline program, you’re automatically eligible for the affordable connectivity program (ACP). All needed is to provide your current Lifeline enrollment number.

Once approved, the kind of Boost Mobile tablet you get with ACP is a TCL Tab Elite, the same as the prepaid promos.

Common Related Questions:

Do I qualify for a free tablet on the Boost Infinite plan?

Boost Infinite is a new phone plan category of Boost Mobile, created after DISH acquired the brand. The service category is postpaid.

So, NO, you can’t get a free tablet with the Boost Infinite plan, as the deal is only available on prepaid subscriptions.

How long does Boost Mobile take to deliver the free tablet?

Boost Mobile can take the next day, two days, or three days to deliver your tablet on the 5GB prepaid deal. But for the free tablets with the ACP program, you can get it the same day.

Does Boost Mobile have a free tablet from the government?

Yes, Boost Mobile has a free tablet from the government with an ACP program. However, the offer is not always consistent as we see on ACP providers like AirTalk and Unity Wireless. It can be on today, then when you come back next week it’s ended.

Also, Boost Mobile offers ACP tablet deals only on select authorized dealers. They seem to not have the offer online.

When will the Boost Mobile free tablet offer with ACP end?

The Boost Mobile free tablet offer with the ACP program was to end when the FCC announced the end of the broadband benefit. And just recently, the FCC announced ACP will “stop accepting new applications on February 7, 2024”. So, you have until 11.59p.m on the 7th to apply.