Should You Get Google Fi or Verizon Wireless Phone in 2024?

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A good phone service is everything if you want to keep in touch with your loved ones at all times. In this post, we’re going to compare Google Fi vs Verizon side by side to see which of the providers is good enough for you.

However, Verizon is a major carrier with its own network towers. And for that, you’ll notice it has all the features you’d want with your phone provider.

But Google Fi isn’t bad either, especially if looking to cut down your monthly phone bill. The carrier has recently updated the price for the unlimited plans and the 5G speed test just peaked at 930Mbps. So, you’ll find it’s as good as Verizon in many areas.

Google Fi vs Verizon: Summary Features & Perks of the Network Providers

FeatureGoogle FiVerizon
Carrier NetworkT-Mobile, US CellularVerizon
5G Data SpeedsUp to 900+MbpsUp to 4000+Mbps
4G Data SpeedsUp to 170+MbpUp to 350+Mbps
Lowest Phone Plan$20$30
Unlimited MinutesYESYES
Unlimited dataYESYES
Family DiscountYESYES  
WiFi CallingYESYES
Free Mexico/ Canada CallYESYES
Mobile HotspotYESYES
Video StreamingYES [up to HD]YES [up to UHD]
Phone Unlock PeriodAt Purchase  After 60 Days
Extra Perks100GB of Cloud StorageFree Hulu/ Disney+/ ESPN+/ Discovery+,
Free Apple Music,
Free Apple Arcade, 600GB Cloud Storage,
Free Google Play Pass, & Free Travel Pass
Home Internet DiscountNot AvailableYES

1. Who should Get Google Fi?

Google Fi is one of the sub-carriers that run on the T-Mobile but has also partnered with US Cellular. So, it’s one of the best options for anyone who lives or travels a lot in Oregon, Nebraska, and the rest of the Midwestern/ Northwestern region.

In addition to that, Google Fi has recently dropped the prices of its unlimited phone plans. True, the cost’s still not as cheap as Tello or Ting, who also runs on the T-Mobile network. But it’s reasonable enough now that the premium data has also increased from 22GB to 50GB.

2. Who Should Get Verizon?

Verizon, as we know it, is the largest carrier in the country, and one of the few options everyone would love to have. It not only has the widest coverage, including even in the remote areas like Oregon and other Midwestern/ Northwestern regions. But also brings you the fastest 5G data speed that any heavy surfer or gamer will love to have.

The other day, we also saw you can add a corporate discount to your Verizon account, amounting to up to $9/ month. Then, the carrier has the best entertainment perks, including a free subscription to Apple Music, Arcade games, Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+.

Google Fi vs Verizon: Comparing the Features & Perks of the Network Providers

Network Coverage

Google Fi is a subcarrier of both T-Mobile (focuses on Metropolises) and US Cellular (available in the Northwestern region). But unlike most of the MVNOs on multiple underlying networks, Fi tends to switch your phone to the strongest signal. So, you’ll have a working phone in most parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Verizon has the largest LTE coverage across the country compared to AT&T and T-Mobile. It’s available even in Northwestern and Midwestern areas, albeit not as strong as Google Fi.

Phone Deals & Discounts

Verizon is one of the phone companies that give free phones when you switch with no trade-in required. There are also amazing Verizon iPhone deals for existing customers who wish to upgrade their old/ damaged devices.

In either case, though, Verizon offers the deals with no trade-in required on the entry-level, midrange, and certified pre-owned phones. Then, high-end smartphones like iPhone 13 or Samsung S22 require an eligible trade-in to get a full or partial discount.

As for Google Fi, you can also get some great phone deals on various occasions, including partial or full discounts. But in all the cases, you “must bring/ transfer your cellphone number” to Fi. Then, the featured phone deals include limited selections and no Apple devices.

5G & LTE Data Speed

Verizon is also the clear winner in this category. In a 5G data speed test, the carrier would peak at about 4030-4090Mbps under the mmWave spectrum. Then, the LTE data would peak at up to 302Mbps on good days or within the 50-100Mbps mark in congested and rural areas.

On the other hand, Google Fi has recently started to get decent browsing speeds, reaching 900+Mbps while on the T-Mobile network.

Sadly, however, the way Fi automatically switches between T-Mobile and US Cellular ends up creating unstable browsing speeds. So, you’ll find most of the time your phone’s hanging around 100+Mbps LTE data or less.

Network Roaming

On Verizon vs Google Fi off-net coverage, they both are pretty impressive and good traveling companions. Not only do you get domestic and international roaming services, but the rates are also very competitive.

If it’s Google Fi, network roaming in the US, Canada, and Mexico is absolutely free. You also get free data & text roaming in over 200 destinations while on the Unlimited Plus plan. Then, the calls cost only $0.20/ minute.

Verizon also has reasonable international roaming pay-as-you-go rates starting from $0.99 – $2.99/minute on talk and $2.05/MB of data. Then, the unlimited phone plans include free text, talk, and data roaming while in Canada or Mexico.

Better yet, the Verizon unlimited plans include a TravelPass that offers free unlimited talk, text, and data roaming in 210+ countries. In that pass, you can go up to twelve days without having to pay the roaming charges.

Phone Plans & Pricing

On rate plans, Verizon certainly has better offerings than almost all providers, including our Google Fi. But then, you’ll have to pay more for it. See below.

Chart 2.1 Google Fi Phone plan Structure

FeaturesFlexible Phone PlanSimply Unlimited Phone PlanUnlimited Plus Phone Plan
Single Line$20/ month$50/ month$65/ month
Multi-line Discount$2-$4/ month$10-$30/ month$10-$25/ month
Call MinutesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Text MessagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
High-Speed Data15GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Priority DataN/A35GB50GB
128kbps DataUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Mobile Hotspot DataNO ($10//GB)5GBUnlimited (with premium data)
International TextingUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Calls to Countries outside USYES Canada & MexicoFREE Canada & MexicoFREE 50 destinations
Free data Roaming in Canada/ MexicoYESYESYES
Extra PerksN/AN/A100GB of Google One,  

Chart 2.2 Verizon wireless Phone plan Structure

Features5GB (prepaid)15GB (prepaid)Unlimited+ (prepaid)Play More (Postpaid)Do More (postpaid)Get More (postpaid)
Regular Price$40/ mo.$50/ mo.$75/ mo.$80/ mo.$80/ mo.  $90/ mo.
Plan Discounts$5 – $15 (loyalty tip)$5 – $15 (loyalty tip)$5 – $15 (loyalty tip)$10- $40 (2+ lines)$10 – $40 (2+ lines)$10 – $40 (2+ lines)
Free 5G AccessYES (Nationwide)YES (Nationwide)YES (Both)YES (Both)YES (Both)YES (Both)
Talk MinutesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Text MessagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Data Allotment5GB (then 2G)15GB (then 2G)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Premium DataN/AN/AN/A50GB50GBUnlimited
Mobile HotspotYESYES10GB Cap (then 3G)25GB Cap (then 3G.)25GB Cap (then 3G)50GB Cap (then 3G)
Video Stream QualityUp to 480pUp to 480pUp to 4K Ultra-HD Up to 4K Ultra-HD Up to 4K Ultra-HD Up to 4K Ultra-HD
International TextingUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Canada/ Mexico Calls$5/mo.FREEFREEFREEFREEFREE
Canada/ Mexico DataN/AN/A0.5GB / Day (then 2G)0.5GB / Day (then 2G)0.5GB / Day (then 2G)0.5GB / Day (then 2G)
Home Internet discountN/AN/AN/AYES (50% OFF.)YES (50% OFF.)YES (50% OFF.)
Free Disney+N/AN/AN/AYES6-Month trialYES
Free Hulu subscriptionN/AN/AN/AYESN/AYES
Free ESPN+ SubscriptionN/AN/AN/AYESN/AYES
Free Arcade/ Google PlayN/AN/AN/AYES6-Month trialYES
Free Apple MusicN/AN/AN/A6-Month trial6-Month trialYES
Free Verizon CloudN/AN/AN/AN/AYES (600GB)YES (600GB)

Google Fi phone plans let you choose between the Flexible, Simply Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus. The former is the cheapest of all as you can get a single line at $20 or $17 with four lines and $16 for five.

You can also redeem the multi-line discount on the two Fi unlimited plans. But the Fi Unlimited Plus will still be a little more expensive than the others since it also comes with the most perks.

Meanwhile, the 5GB prepaid is the cheapest on Verizon phone plans after redeeming the loyalty tip. The loyalty tip is simply the discount you get after opting for the Autopay mode and remaining on the service for 4-10+ months.

Unfortunately, the Verizon postpaid plans don’t have the tip for staying long on the service. But you can get auto-pay and multi-line discounts, which can save you up to forty bucks on each line per month.

Common Related Questions

Does Google Fi use Verizon towers?

No, Google Fi doesn’t directly use Verizon towers. Instead, it has a network agreement with T-Mobile and US Cellular. But since US Cellular has a roaming agreement with Verizon, your Fi phone can also run on these towers.

Is Google Fi more secure than Verizon?

Well, Yes, we can say Fi is more secure than Verizon as your cell number gets tied to your Google account during registration. So, it will be difficult for someone to swap your SIM without your email login details.

What are the advantages of Google Fi?

Google Fi is an excellent carrier if looking for a budget-friendly carrier to switch to today. Other advantages of the MVNO include:

  • It gets priority data from T-Mobile
  • Sells fully unlocked cell phones
  • Features some decent phone deals
  • Has also been having decent data speeds
  • Supports both eSIM & physical SIM cards
  • The unlimited plan has free data roaming in 50 countries

What are the disadvantages of Google Fi?

Despite the many positives, Google Fi still has some disadvantages you should know before joining. They include:

  • It throttles the unlimited plans
  • Charges a fee on WiFi calling while abroad
  • It also charges extra for hotspot data on the Flexible plan

Who does Google Fi use for Towers?

Simple, Google uses T-Mobile and US Cellular towers to connect its subscribers. But your phone can also connect to AT&T and Verizon towers through the roaming agreements of US Cellular.

Remember Data Throttling

Both Google Fi and Verizon are remarkable wireless phones to have. The major difference is the fact that Verizon has its own network towers. And for that, you’ll get to have priority data with no caps on the unlimited plans.

Of course, Google Fi kind of has unlimited plans you can check out too, and at a nice price. But the two featured plans will start you on premium data at the highest browsing speed available before dropping to 256-128kbps.

So, you might want to go with Verizon if you’re a  heavy data user and don’t have wired internet at home.