The Best Buy Now Pay Later Nintendo Switch No Credit Check Financing

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The other day, we looked at some buy now pay later PS4 online stores that you can try for your love for gaming. The topic today’s also very similar, only that now we’ll be playing that BioShock Collection or Diablo III Eternal Collection at home and on the go. In the article, we’ll look at the various ways you can get buy now pay later Nintendo Switch no credit check financing. So, you can get the console today without having to worry about the money to pay with or a perfect credit score.

But before we come to that…

Is a Nintendo Switch Really Worth it?

As a big fan of gaming, you probably know or heard of the Nintendo video game console or Nintendo Switch. If it’s your first time, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid game console that came around 2017. As a hybrid, you can play on your home TV like Xbox or PlayStation, or else in a standalone handheld mode.

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In a nutshell, we can say this gaming idea is one of its kind as even the top gaming companies have been unable to replicate it. Not even Sony, though the PlayStation Vita (maybe) would have been a key competitor if the digital company didn’t discontinue it.

Other benefits of the Nintendo Switch game console include:

  • Flexibility: Unlike its two major competitors, the Nintendo Switch console lets you play your favorite games however you like, and with ease. If you feel you need a wider display, you just play indoors. Then, you can set it up for the handheld mode if you need a glory of the stars or else to continue with your game during the flight.
  • Versatility: other than being able to video game indoor and outdoor, you can use your Nintendo Switch to browse Facebook, charge other devices (not recommended), power on the TV, and or control PC and smartphones.
  • Sliced Pricing: The cost of a brand-new Nintendo Switch is between $100-$200 cheaper than the PlayStation 4 and $200-above for the Xbox One. You can even get the economy Nintendo Switch Lite at around two hundred bucks, though it lacks some capability of the original.

What’s the Best Buy now pay later Nintendo Switch Financing?

Overall, you’ll find a plethora of retailers, both local and online, who deal with Nintendo Switch consoles and games. The Rent-A-Center is a perfect example as you can also get buy now pay later Nintendo Switch financing with no credit check.

Nonetheless, the provider has a relatively thin line of video game consoles you can choose. So, other stores that allow you to game now and pay later include:

Comparing the Features, Pros, and Cons of the Bets Buy Now Pay Later Nintendo Switch Financing

BNPL Nintendo Switch Store Third-Party Lender Credit Check Money Down
Rent-A-Center None NO YES
Target Afterpay
Zip Co
(25% of total)
Overstock Progressive Leasing YES
(accepts bad credit)
(as initial payment)
BestBuy Progressive Leasing YES
(accepts bad credit)
(as initial payment)
Kmart WhyNotLeaseIt
(as first payment)
Buddy’s Home Furnishings None NO YES
GameStop Quadpay
(accepts bad credit)
(25% of total)
AO.Com NewDay Ltd. YESN/A

1. Rent-A-Center Company

Although a rent-to-own, Rent-A-Center is my first recommendation if you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch financing with no credit check. True, you won’t find a wide variety of the console, but the available options may work if you just want to game. As was mentioned earlier, the store also doesn’t perform a credit check. Thus, making it a perfect choice when you need financing with a low credit score or no history.


  • It has both in-store and online service
  • Supports all types of credit scores
  • Includes early lease buyout option
  • Has up to four payment frequencies
  • You can set auto-payments to never miss payments


  • It has limited console variety

2. Target Retail Store

Target is one of the top retailers of consumer electronics, groceries, fashion, and other items. It rates eighth here in the United States, whereby you can shop your desire item either online or in-person (in-store). If it’s our Nintendo Switch, you can get the original edition, Lite, as well as the newly-released OLED model. And the best part is that you can take the gadget home, then pay it up in small installments.

Some of the financing platforms you can use to spread out your purchase amount are Afterpay, Quadpay, Klarna, Affirm. However, the renowned retailer has only added Affirm at checkout. So, you’ll need to use the respective app or website to use the financing of either of the others.


  • It has multiple financing options
  • Approves even with bad credit
  • Has an easy application and instant decision
  • Supports both home delivery and store pickup
  • It stocks various Nintendo Switch consoles


  • It requires a 25% down payment
  • Can be tricky to improve FICO score

3. Overstock Internet Retailer

Would you like to get your Nintendo Switch as a bundle kit and still pay for it later? The Overstock store has several selections you might like. If it’s games, you can get the console with several titles and even other extra accessories like a glass screen protector, wired earphones, and storage cases.

Even better, Overstock does have a lease-to-own program, which is more like a buy now pay later, through Progressive leasing. And to make it more stirring, you necessarily don’t need to have credit to apply.


  • It has a range of consoles to pick
  • You can buy out your lease early
  • Supports multiple payment schedules
  • Effortless to apply for financing online
  • It has automated payments as default


  • It can’t help improve credit history
  • Leasing purchase unavailable in Minnesota and New Jersey

4. BestBuy Consumer Retailer

Although nearly all retailers sell their Nintendo Switch at the same price, BestBuy is relatively cheaper in some cases. This is so as the store stocks both new inventory and refurbished devices. Of course, I can’t recommend getting financing for a refurbished device, but it can come in handy in some situations.

Speaking of financing, BestBuy does have the option to checkout with the “My BestBuy” credit card. But again, you need to qualify for one, which might be harder than with the progressing Leasing that doesn’t even need a credit history.


  • It has more reasonably priced options
  • Accepts trade-in for video game consoles
  • Has both in-store and online shopping
  • Has an intuitive, easy-to-use website
  • It finances both with perfect and poor credit


  • It might require an initial payment
  • Financing is unavailable in several states

5. Kmart Big-Box Store

Kmart is yet another company that brings you the hybrid gaming experience right to your home without having to pay outright. However, the store doesn’t deal with consoles as the others above, but instead accessories for your system. This includes Nintendo Switch cases, car holder bracket, charging dock station, controllers, steering wheels, and controller grip. So, it could be an excellent choice if you need a replacement for either of the things.

Furthermore, Kmart does support financing through WhyNotLeaseIt. The program does run a credit check, but they say you don’t require credit to apply.


  • It stocks brand quality products
  • Supports early lease purchase
  • Features multiple payment plans
  • Easy to apply and quick to approve
  • You can apply with low or no credit


  • The financing’s only available for $199-above items
  • Early lease buyout not available in New Jersey and Vermont

6. Buddy Rents Home Furnishing

Although it’s mostly for furnishing, Buddy’s Home Furnishings is yet another place you can get buy now pay later Nintendo Switch financing. Of course, it’s also more of a rent-to-own, but as was mentioned earlier, the program’s not very far from BNPL. The main difference we can say is that they don’t rely on third-party lenders. Hence, one of the reasons they let you have your desired device with no credit check.

More on that, the retailer has multiple after-sale services, including express delivery, repair, and replacement. It also supports two ways you can settle your rental purchase, including a weekly or monthly basis.


It accepts even low and bad credit
Has both in-store and online shopping
Effortless to apply online or in-person
Easy to compare the weekly/ monthly charges
You can buy out your leased device early


  • It lacks the recent Nintendo Switch models

7. GameStop Electronics Store

Although our last, GameStop is all about video gaming. It stocks all kinds of gaming systems, including Desktop PC, Laptop, Arcades, PlayStations, Xboxes, and our Nintendo Switch. It largely deals with brand-new products but you can also find several pre-owned inventories at discounted prices.

That said, however, GameStop is on my list because of its numerous selections of games. You can find about any title, including the new releases like Blasphemous Deluxe Edition, Spiritfarer, Just Die Already, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, and others.

More to love, GameStop does allow you to order your favorite game, then pay later with four payments. So, you don’t have to keep repeating old games just because you’re broke.


  • It accepts trade-ins
  • Has both local and online stores
  • So simple to apply for financing
  • Has a plethora of games to choose
  • It’s easy to estimate your weekly payment


  • The payment schedule is relatively short
  • It needs first payment before shipping your order

Game Like a Pro

That’s right. It doesn’t matter if you have the economy Lite or the 2021 OLED model, the Nintendo Switch is all about gaming. That’s why it doesn’t have streaming features like a PlayStation, or otherwise the reason they created it with both handheld and TV mode.

As you choose a buy now pay later Nintendo Switch financing, it’s worth remembering this system is not as powerful as a Playstation or Xbox. And for this reason, many of the third-party games will not be compatible.

In any case, that’s all for today about Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, the article has answered your question and you’ve found a perfect solution for your situation.