The 7 Best Sites with Buy Now Pay Later Toys No Credit Check Financing

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Are you looking for a perfect gift for your kid? Perhaps a nice Ride-on toy for fifty bucks? Well, worry not. In this article, we’re going to look at various providers who have buy now pay later toys no credit check financing. So, you can be able to surprise your kid with his favorite plaything even with no money or good credit to convince the lenders.

Needless to say, they are not many of them we can say. But I do know at least a couple of them, both bill me later stores and financial technology companies. Therefore, I’m hoping you’ll find one or two options fit for you, and the right present for your baby boy or girl.

Does Walmart Have Buy Now Pay Later Toys Financing?

While is the most famous globally, Walmart generates the highest revenue as of 2021. Of course, there are speculations that Amazon is likely to rocket to number one very soon, but time will tell.

Regardless, Walmart’s success is hugely from its vast network of physical locations and numerous product departments, including groceries. Furthermore, the local retailer is one of the best buy now pay later catalogues, albeit many people don’t talk about it. The financing program is under Affirm, which you can also find as an independent financial lender.

Meanwhile, Walmart does have buy now pay later toys and video games installment financing. However, Affirm is more likely to approve your application when you have a fair or good credit history, but they’re not very transparent on the minimum score. So, you could try your luck if you have a FICO score under 600 points.

What’s the best buy now pay Toys store With No Credit Check?

In a nutshell, all of us are in varying financial situations. And just like free cell phone service providers operate, the different loan providers will treat your case individually. Furthermore, a leasing program that might seem fit for me might not to you.

In any case, the overall best buy now pay later toys store with no credit required is It allows you to take home your desired toys, but spread out the cost into small affordable installments over 12 months.

Comparing The Features, Pros, and Cons Of Various Buy Now Pay Later Toys Stores

1. Kmart Store

As was mentioned, Kmart is my number #1 recommendation if you would like to lease some kids’ toys. The Kmart Leasing program is a product of WhyNotLeaseIt. Thus, don’t rely on your credit history to approve.

Meanwhile, the store operates as a big box store chain, featuring a vast selection of products for either gender and varying age groups. Furthermore, the toys department is divided into over twenty different categories, not limited to musical instruments, Ride-on, board games, building sets, et cetera.


  • It’s easy and fast to apply
  • Stocks brand quality toys
  • Doesn’t require credit to apply
  • Provides instant approval/ feedback
  • You can pay off your leased items early


  • It has poor customer service

2. King Cobra of Florida

The King Cobra is a remarkable provider if you want your birthday boy to drive now but make the purchase payments later. It stocks almost all sorts of riding and racing toys, including drones, R/C, ATVs, dirtbikes, scooters, and more.

At checkout, you can pay in full upfront or choose King Cobra of Florida drive now pay later payment plan. The store has partnered with Acima, Klarna, Getfinancing, Quadpay, and Sezzle financial company. So, you have a chance to find perfect financing regardless of your credit score.


  • It has a wide range of power toys
  • Effortless to apply online
  • You can use it with perfect or bad credit
  • Features flexible and affordable plans
  • Offers reward points with every purchase
  • It has a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website


  • It’s a bit pricey

3. Overstock

If you’re shopping for your little princess, Overstock fits the bill pretty well and for a good reason. It has at least five categories of dolls, including celebrity designs and interactive models to cheer her up when alone. Many of the dolls come with their accessories, but you can also buy them separately, as well as their houses and furniture.

The best part, you can use the Overstock lease-to-own program to shop for the best toys. Then, pay the cost later in small installments by either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.


  • It doesn’t require credit to apply
  • Easy and fast to apply online
  • Provides instant approval/ decision
  • Has plenty of dolls and accessories
  • It charges no application or processing fees


It charges initial payment as a deposit
The payment option isn’t available in Minnesota

4. GameStop

Meanwhile, GameStop is the best option if you’re shopping for boy toys and gifts. It also has electronic devices in stock, but what impresses me most are collectibles, in particular, the superhero and action figures. You can also get pet figures for the bedroom, or otherwise collectible coins and ticket collections if he’s a sports enthusiast.

Even so, some of these coins and ticket collections are pretty expensive to pay upfront. But, luckily, you can choose GameStop Flexpay to finance your purchases in small bi-weekly payments.


  • It has beautiful and well-made figures
  • Easy to compare leasing rates and plans
  • Offers reward points on every purchase
  • Has affordable prices and payment plans
  • Accepts trade-ins and layaway financing


  • It doesn’t ship to Alaska and outside the US

5. Afterpay

Afterpay is a leading digital lending company with over 550,000 reviews online. It has partnered with thousands of in-store and online businesses to bring you all the shopping inspiration you need when low in finances. If it’s like right now you’re looking for a nice toy, the company has 70+ toyshops you can shop here in the US. And the best part, you’re also free to shop from other types of stores as well as long you haven’t exhausted your limit.

Once you shop your desired toy with Afterpay, you can pay your purchases in four installments over six weeks. Yes, the payment period is pretty short compared with the rest, but it won’t incur heavy interest.


  • It’s accepted in various toys stores
  • Available for thin and bad credit
  • Easy to track your spend limit
  • Has flexible and affordable payments
  • It’s easy to apply online or by mobile app


  • It attracts hefty late payment fees
  • Requires the first payment on checkout (deposit)

6. Littlewoods

Although the store is in Liverpool, I thought it would be nice to have it on my list, just in case you’re reading from the UK. It has some really nice preschool toys that you can use to train your child’s mind and problem-solving early. The toys are available in fifteen different categories, with both traditional and electronic designs. So, it’s kind of impossible to not find the exact plaything you need for your kid/s.

Even better, Littlewood store has three different ways you can finance your purchases on credit, including buy now pay later. However, the BNPL payment option is only available for purchases at £50 or more, plus you’ll need a minimum balance in your Littlewoods account.


  • It has plenty of cool learning toys
  • Has an intuitive, easy-to-navigate site
  • Provides free standard delivery service
  • Easy to compare the payment plans and rates
  • It’s easy to track your remaining shopping balance


  • It charges high late payment fees
  • Must have a minimum BNPL balance when applying

7. The Entertainer Toyshop

Last but not least is another England’s finest toyshop that you can try if you don’t have the funds for your kid’s surprise gift. It deals with various types of kids toys, including for outdoor fun like an inflatable pool, ball pit, trampolines, and slides. Each toy is available in a specific age group, starting from 12 months going up to 11+ years. So, it’s pretty easy to filter what you want and don’t want basing on your kid’s age.

Furthermore, the Entertainer Toyshop supports multiple payment options at checkout, including buy now pay later through Klarna. So, you can apply for the financing without credit history since the company hasn’t set any minimum score requirement.


  • It has friendly pricing
  • Has fun and brand quality products
  • Effortless to navigate the site
  • Features a high credit approval rate
  • It’s easy to compare lease payment rates


  • It charges a down payment as the initial payment

Final Thoughts

While there are more of them, these are the top providers that you can apply for buy now pay later toys financing today. Of course, some of them do run a soft credit check to confirm your personal details and creditworthiness, but you can still apply with a low credit score.

The good thing is that the stores do report to the major credit bureaus. So, you can build or rebuild your credit history when you remain consistent and timely on payments. However, this is also a weakness as any late payments might reflect on your credit report. Thus, taking away some of your points or, worse, damaging your report further before you can make it better.

Regardless, it’s close to impossible to be late on payment if you choose your buy no pay later store wisely. For instance, my initial recommendation,, offers a flexible payment option with a standard term of five months. However, you can opt to buy out your lease early or even extended it if you feel you need more time to pay.

But again, quite a number of consumers have complained about continuing to make payments to WhyNotLeaseIt when they ought to have completed it. So, make sure they have sent you an email to confirm that you paid your full amount.