Xfinity Mobile vs AT&T: What Carrier will be More Worthwhile to Join?

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Are you still looking for reliable phone service? In this post, we’re going to have another comparison review, whereby we’ll compare Xfinity Mobile vs AT&T to see which carrier’s better features, pricing, and extra perks.

Even so, AT&T is a major carrier with its own cell towers. Thus, you’ll always get prioritized before Cricket or any other mobile virtual network operator when the carrier network is very busy.

When comparing Xfinity Mobile and Visible the other day, though, we saw the Comcast service also gets priority data from Verizon. But then, does that mean the service will be more convenient than AT&T?

Well, let’s break down the two side by side and see!

Xfinity Mobile vs AT&T: A Quick Peek on the Features & Perks of the Cell Phone Providers

FeatureXfinity MobileAT&T
Carrier NetworkVerizonAT&T
5G Data Speeds4000+Mbps1400+Mbps
Lowest Phone Plan$15 (up to 10 lines)$25 (when paid yearly)
Unlimited MinutesYESYES
Unlimited dataYESYES
Family DiscountYESYES
Free Mexico/ Canada CallN/A ($10/ month)YES
Mobile HotspotYESYES
Video StreamingYESYES
Phone Unlock PeriodAfter 60 DaysAfter 60 Days
Extra PerksFree unlimited Xfinity
WiFi Hotspots
Free HBO Max™, Stadia Pro,
AT&T ActiveArmorSM, & 100GB
Cloud Storage  

About Xfinity Mobile

If you’re looking for affordable phone plans with priority data, Xfinity Mobile could be a great pick for you. As long you have the Xfinity cable internet or TV, you can enjoy the service at the full 5G/ LTE speeds from low as $15/ month.

That includes the ultra-fast data at up to 4+Gbps on the 5G Ultra-Wideband or 40-150+Mbps on the low-band 5G & LTE (uses the same infrastructure).

About AT&T

On its end, AT&T also does have some impressive data speeds, peaking up to 800-1400Mbps on the high-band 5G+. The data allowances are also pretty great, including “truly” unlimited allotments.

Even better, AT&T offers postpaid subscriptions with unlimited talk, text, and data while roaming in Mexico or Canada. Then, you can also enjoy a free HBO Max subscription in full 4K UHD quality and without worrying about your data getting slowed down.

Xfinity Mobile vs ATT

Xfinity Mobile vs AT&T: Comparing the Main Features & Perks of the Cell Phone Providers


As you might know from my previous posts, Xfinity Mobile isn’t like other mobile virtual network operators (or MVNOs). It’s only available to the customers of the Xfinity cabled internet or TV service. And you have to maintain either if you don’t want your monthly bill to attract a $25 surcharge fee.

As you apply for the Xfinity Mobile service, you should also know the carrier does not offer eSIM support at the moment. So, you can’t activate and start using your service instantly, as with the AT&T network.

Yes, indeed, AT&T supports eSIM Activation on the iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S20, and other latest devices with the feature. Thus, you necessarily won’t have to wait for the physical SIM card.

Also, AT&T doesn’t have any crazy requirements for you to start using their service. Then, it doesn’t perform a credit check on the prepaid service, whereas Xfinity provides it’s a requirement on multiple-line subscriptions.

Winner: AT&T is available to everyone and has no credit check on prepaid service

Network Coverage:

Technically, Xfinity Mobile usually run on the Verizon network, which has the widest LTE coverage across the country. That includes both the major towns, as well as the rural areas, thereby a great choice if you travel a lot.

While showing you how to switch from AT&T to Verizon, though, we saw the GSM network also has a pretty wide coverage. And this includes most parts of Oregon, plus other metropolises and various rural areas across the country.

However, Verizon still has invested in more cell towers (for LTE), which leave it and its MVNOs with usable service almost everywhere.

Winner: Xfinity carrier network, Verizon, has a pretty wide coverage, including in rural areas.

Free Phone Deals

Do you want to upgrade your old device but don’t have enough cash to pay upfront? Xfinity Mobile has some great phone deals, including $750 off the latest Galaxy S22 series or up to $400 savings on the other Samsung devices. You just need to have an eligible trade-in and also port-in a qualified phone number to your new or existing account.

Speaking of porting, Xfinity also does give free phones when you switch to the prepaid service with your phone number. Of course, the promo only features a few low-end phones, but they’re sure better than the carriers without the kind of offers.

Surprisingly, AT&T is one of these carriers without the absolutely free phone deals. For years, it has been offering $0.00 devices only when you have an eligible trade-in and unlimited phone plan.

Even so, the AT&T phone deals aren’t just available to Samsung devices but other brands as well. That includes even the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, whereby you get to save up to $1000 (still requires an eligible trade-in).

Winner: AT&T has more Trade-in deals to choose from and doesn’t require a number porting

Free 5G Access & Speeds

If previously on the 3G AT&T, I’m sure you noticed a drop on signal for a couple of hours. The GSM carrier was the first to decommission the old network bands, leaving only the 4G LTE and 5G connection.

As for the 5G, AT&T allows you to tap into the network bands at no extra charges. And in the Mint Mobile vs AT&T review, we saw the speeds are also pretty amazing, peaking up to 1400+Mbps when there’s no network congestion.

However, the company’s still in the process of setting up more 5G cell towers (especially for the mid-band spectrum). So, a lot of people will have access to the low-band 5G (uses LTE infrastructure), with a download speed of 44-140+Mbps.

On the other hand, Xfinity Mobile also does have access to a 5G network free of charge. And as was mentioned earlier, the carrier usually gets prioritized data, which should explain why the browsing speeds are very similar to Verizon’s.

In that previous test with Visible, Xfinity Mobile peaked at up to 4,000Mbps while on the high-band 5G (ultra-Wideband). The mobile hotspot was also really amazing, with the Denver test on an iPhone 12 recording up to 400Mbps.

Similar to AT&T, though, Verizon has pretty limited mmWave for 5G network at the moment. So, many Xfinity customers will only access the low-band 5G, which on the last Denver test peaked at up to 150Mbps.

Winner: Xfinity Mobile has faster data speed for both the in-device and hotspot usage.

Phone Plans & Pricing

When we now compare AT&T vs Xfinity Mobile on the rate plans, you’ll notice mixed convenience between the two. Xfinity Mobile’s cheaper but has lower data allotments, whereas AT&T offers more data allowance but is a little more expensive.

Chart 2.1: Xfinity Mobile phone plan structure

Features1GB Plan (By-the-Gig)3GB Plan (By-the-Gig)10GB Plan (By-the-Gig)Unlimited Plan
1 Line Price  $15/ mo.$30/ mo.$60/ mo.  $45/ mo.
2 Lines price$7.5/ mo. (per line)$15/ mo. (per line)$30/ mo. (per line)$40/ mo. (per line)
3 Lines Price  $5/ mo. (per line)$10/ mo. (per line)$20/ mo. (per line)$33.33/ mo. (per line)
4 Lines Price$3.75/ mo. (per line)$7.5/ mo. (per line)$15/ mo. (per line)$30/ mo. (per line)
10 Lines Price$1.5/ mo. (per line)$3/ mo. (per line)$6/ mo. (per line)$24/ mo. (per line)
Talk MinutesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Text MessagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
High-Speed Data1GB3GB10GBUnlimited
Priority DataN/AN/AN/A20GB
Unlimited 1.5MbpsNONONOYES
Video StreamingHD Quality (1080p)HD Quality (1080p)HD Quality (1080p)SD Quality (480p)

As shown in the chart, Xfinity mobile has both By-the-Gig and Unlimited cell phone plans. Just as the name, the former are available per GB of high-speed data- no unlimited 2G/ 3G speeds. But also it’s postpaid (receive the bill at end month), thereby will charge you overage charges when you go beyond your limit.

If you’d like, you can also add up to ten lines on your By-the-Gig plan with no additional cost. However, the featured plans have a shared data pool, in which case all the lines will have to share the given monthly data.

As for the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan, your monthly allotment starts with 20GB of high-speed data before dropping to 600kbps-1.5mbps speeds. The plan also does have a family discount, whereby you can save from $5-$21/ month on every line you add.

Chart 2.2: AT&T phone plan structure

Features5GB Plan (Prepaid)8GB Plan (Prepaid)Unlimited (Prepaid)Unlimited StarterUnlimited ExtraUnlimited Elite
Regular Price$30/ mo.$25/ mo.$65/ mo.$75/ mo.$75/ mo. (per line)$85/ mo. (per line)
Autopay DiscountN/AN/A$15/ month$10/ month$10/ month$10/ month
Multiple-Line Discount$10-$20N/A$10-$20$5-$35$10-$40$10-$40
Talk MinutesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Text MessagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
High-Speed Data5GB8GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Priority DataN/AN/A22GB22GB50GBUnlimited
128kbps DataUnlimitedUnlimitedN/AN/AN/AN/A
Mobile HotspotYESYES10GB3GB15GB40GB
Video StreamingHD Quality (1080p)HD Quality (1080p)HD Quality (1080p)HD Quality (1080p)HD Quality (1080p)4K Quality (2160p)

At AT&T, you can also join with a prepaid or postpaid subscription. The prepaid option is relatively cheaper, whereby you can get the 5GB plan from $30/ month or the 8GB bundle at $25/mo.

Moreover, you can also get a monthly discount of up to $20 when you add multiple lines to your account. That includes even on the Unlimited prepaid plan, thereby dropping your price from $65 to $30/ month when you redeem both the autopay & multiple-line discounts.

Meanwhile, you can also get both autopay and multiple-line discounts on the AT&T unlimited (postpaid) plans. Thus, bring the Unlimited Elite plan, which has uncapped high-speed data to $35/ month per line when you got five lines.

Winner: Xfinity Mobile is relatively cheap on both the single-line and multiple-line plans

Related Questions:

 Is Xfinity Mobile the same as ATT?

No, Xfinity Mobile’s not the same as AT&T since it doesn’t have its own cell towers. It also usually run on the Verizon network and you can only apply with an active Xfinity internet or TV.

What are the pros and cons of Xfinity Mobile?

If you’re thinking of joining Xfinity Mobile phone service, some of the crucial pros and cons you ought to know beforehand include:


  • It’s relatively cheaper
  • Offers prioritized data
  • Has great browsing speeds
  • Includes unlimited public WiFi hotspots
  • Offers family discount on unlimited plans
  • Features coverage on urban & rural and areas
  • It has free phone deals for new customers


  • It’s only available to Xfinity internet users
  • Throttles data speeds after 20GB of usage
  • Has a high risk of overage charges on By-the-Gig plan
  • It doesn’t support eSIM or free calls to Canada/ Mexico

Does Xfinity Mobile use AT&T towers?

No, Xfinity Mobile doesn’t use AT&T towers. Instead, it has partnered with Verizon Wireless, whereby it even gets prioritized data with the full LTE/ 5G speeds.

Can I switch from AT&T to Xfinity Mobile?

Similar to any other provider, it’s very easy to switch from AT&T to Xfinity Mobile service. However, you must clear any outstanding bills with the old carrier and also provide your account details if planning to switch with your phone number.

Final Thoughts:

At this point, we can conclude by saying both Xfinity Mobile and AT&T are great phone services. They both have priority data, great phone deals, device financing, family discount, and mobile hotspot capability.

However, Xfinity Mobile does have an unlimited free WiFi hotspot that you can access from millions of locations across the country. It’s also relatively cheaper, plus has wider network coverage, and higher data speeds than AT&T.

Even so, do remember you need to have Xfinity internet or TV to continue using the service. Otherwise, your phone bill will increase by $25/ month.