How to Get Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone for FREE

Cintex Wireless Replacement Phone

Cintex Wireless is a phone carrier that gives free monthly service to low-income consumers. Once eligible, the service provider will also send you a free smartphone or flip phone to use with your monthly plan. However, is the phone you get any good? And in case not, can I get a Cintex Wireless replacement phone …

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Can I Put My Qlink SIM Card In Another Phone?

Can I Put My Qlink SIM Card In Another Phone

Did you know Qlink has one of the highest (if not the highest) consumer satisfaction ratings on Trustpilot? Qlink Wireless is a US phone carrier that offers monthly service through Lifeline and ACP programs. The MVNO will even give you a phone when you join for the first time. But can I put my Qlink …

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How Do I Transfer My Government Phone To Another Phone?

How Do I Transfer My Government Phone To Another Phone

Lifeline and ACP programs are the easiest ways to get a free phone service without paying anything.  The kind of service you get depends on the provider you’ve chosen. But then, how do I transfer my government phone to another phone with supposedly better offerings? Overall, it’s pretty easy to transfer a government phone to …

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How To Return Verizon Phone After Upgrade: 7 Easy Steps

How To Return Verizon Phone After Upgrade

Have you applied for a trade-in offer with Verizon? After a successful upgrade, the next step to return your old device is usually the most crucial. If you don’t know how to return Verizon phone after upgrade arrives, the carrier may slap you with up to $450+ on the next monthly bill. The returning process …

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Straight Talk Upgrade to New Phone: A Quick Guide

Straight Talk Upgrade to New Phone

Straight Talk has made some crucial changes over the past few months. One of these changes is on the device deals, whereby new customers can even get freebies. Then, the existing customers on Straight Talk upgrade to new phone at discounted prices without having to add a new line. Of course, the deals of the …

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