Get Boost Mobile Free Phone 2024 [How To Qualify, Apply]

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Is it true Boost Mobile now has absolutely free phone service? Boost Mobile is a prepaid phone provider here in the US, and always has been. But for a while, the DISH brand has been giving away free phone service per month and devices.

For free devices, Boost Mobile has had the cell phone program for a long time. The deals always include Apple iPhones and Android phones. However, they keep changing the featured free phone brands with what’s available in stock.

As for the free cell phone service, Boost Mobile introduced it back in 2021. I have noticed the carrier still has the offer right now. So, it could be a nice pick if you’ve been struggling to maintain your monthly phone bill.

What is the Boost Mobile Free Phone Service Program?

Boost Mobile free phone service program is a program that aims at helping low-income families afford connectivity. However, this is not a program specific to only Boost. It’s a program from the government we call ACP, with Boost just one of the participating providers.

The government created the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) at the end of 2021 as a longer-term replacement for EBB. EBB (emergency broadband benefit) was a program the government created in mid-2021 to help those affected by COVID-19 afford internet service.

At the time of EBB, all participating carriers, like Boost Mobile, would get $50 for the service of each enrolled customer. The Boost Mobile free phone service with EBB at the time included Unlimited talk, text, and data (with 35GB of high speed) per month.

Boost Mobile Free Phone
Boost Mobile Free Phone

Unfortunately, the Emergency Broadband benefit fund was limited. It was the reason the government created the ACP program, which would have more funding.

But even with more funding, the FCC reduced the amount of subsidy you’d get with ACP to $30/ month. It’s only the consumers on the federal-recognized tribal lands still get a discount of $75/ month.

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What Do I Get with the Boost Mobile Free Phone Program

In the Boost Mobile free phone program, the government gives you a service subsidy of $30 per month. The thirty bucks help square up the entire monthly bill, bringing it to $0.

What this means is that you won’t get the government subsidy on just any phone plan. The only Boost Mobile plan the $30 subsidy can settle the full bill is the Unlimited plan of $25/ month.

In this Unlimited plan, Boost Mobile says it’s $25/ month with autopay enabled. Without Autopay, the cell phone plan goes to $35/ month.

Fast forward, the various perks you get to enjoy with the Boost Mobile free phone plan if eligible are:

  • Unlimited voice talk
  • Unlimited text messaging
  • Unlimited mobile data (30GB of high speed)
  • Mobile hotspot & tethering other devices
  • Free WiFi Calling on a compatible phone
  • Free domestic roaming (with 50 minutes)

Common features and perks Boost Mobile free phone plan doesn’t include are add-on extras, such as:

  • Free calls to Canada and Mexico
  • Free roaming in Canada and Mexico
  • Free international texting & calling

If we’re sincere, the Safelink free phone program seemingly has better perks than Boost Mobile’s. However, the perks on the Boost Mobile free phone are still the best than what most ACP providers give away. Why?

Boost Mobile is what I like to consider a premium carrier. Compared to ETCs (eligible telecommunication carriers), premium carriers usually have a more reliable cell phone service.

Can I Get Boost Mobile Free Phone on the $25 Infinite Plan?

DISH is the owner of Boost Mobile after buying it off T-Mobile when it merged with Sprint. Since the acquisition, DISH has helped transform Boost Mobile in a number of areas.

For instance, we can see the towers Boost mobile usecurrently for native coverage are AT&T and T-Mobile. You’ll have a strong signal in most parts of the country, including urban and rural areas.

Secondly, DISH has helped Boost Mobile launch a postpaid phone service, Boost Infinite. The Boost Mobile postpaid plans still don’t have the host of features we see in Major Carriers, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. But it’s more affordable.

The cheapest Boost Mobile Infinite (postpaid) plan is the Unlimited at $25/ month. It’s like the Boost Mobile prepaid $25 plan on unlimited talk, texting, and data (with 30GB of high speed).

However, the Boost Infinite lacks some flare its prepaid counterpart has. An example is that the postpaid plan has a mobile hotspot as an add-on extra at $10/ month.

Worse, the Boost Mobile free program with ACP doesn’t extend to the Infinite postpaid plan of $25. And this is mind-boggling when the phone plan has the same price as the eligible prepaid bundle.

Do I Get Boost Mobile Free Phone  Plan with a Smartphone?

The affordable connectivity program (ACP) that brings us the free phone plan on Boost Mobile isn’t only limited to monthly service. It also usually has a one-time device discount to purchase a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet PC.

Boost Mobile is one of the ACP providers that offer this one-time device discount. In the discount, you can apply for a free tablet, but not a smartphone.

I have seen some bloggers claim Boost Mobile has the Lifeline phone program that often includes a free smartphone. But that’s not entirely true.

Boost Mobile has not been listed anywhere as an eligible telecommunication carrier- a phone provider with a license to offer a Lifeline program. It’s just a prepaid carrier that happens to offer the Affordable Connectivity Program.

But even without the Lifeline subsidy, Boost Mobile is giving away free smartphones to eligible consumers. The free smartphone deal is what I mentioned earlier, which you get when you switch.

Like right now, you can get a Samsung Galaxy A23 5G when you switch to Boost Mobile with your number. The deal also frequently has Apple iPhones and Motorola phones, but they currently don’t have them on the shelves.

How to get a Boost Mobile Free Phone Service Plan

To get a Boost Mobile free phone service every month, you must be eligible. Eligibility starts with being a US citizen with the proper papers and a valid physical address. Then, you should meet either of the financial eligibility requirements.

The “financial eligibility requirement” to get Boost free phone is that individuals must have a low income at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines.

Besides income, you can get the discounted phone plan if on a qualifying government assistance benefit, including:

  • Medicaid/ Medi-cal benefit
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Veterans Pension and Veteran’s Survivors Benefit
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Student’s Pell Grant in the current award year
  • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch/ Breakfast Program or School
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • Tribal-based assistance benefits, such as Head Start, Bureau of Indian Affairs general assistance; Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

Are you one of the people already benefiting from the free lifeline phone from the government? If yes, you can also qualify for the Boost Mobile free phone program. Eligibility is automatic when you have your Lifeline application ID from the National Verifier.

PS: National Verifier is a system of USAC (Universal Service Administration Company) that determines eligibility for Lifeline and ACP programs.

How to Apply for Boost Mobile Free Phone Service Plan

To apply for Boost Mobile’s free phone program with ACP, you only need to:

  1. Grab an internet-enabled phone, tablet, or laptop
  2. Visit Then, enter the ZIP code and hit the “Start” button
  3. Enter your name, last numbers of social security, and email address. Then, click “Continue”
  4. Next, fill in your primary residence address, including street name and Unit/ apartment. Then, hit the “Continue” button
  5. If Boost Mobile accepts your physical address, use onscreen instructions to choose eligibility and Plan. Then, review the information and complete the pre-approval stage.

Unfortunately, Boost Mobile declined my apartment number during an attempt to apply for the free phone program online. I got the error “There seems to be a problem. Please call us at 1-888-266-7848…”

However, I still recommend you try on your end and see if enrollment will be possible at your physical address. If successful, Boost Mobile will redirect you to the National Verifier page to first get your unique ACP approval ID.

After the National Verifier approves your details and gives the application ID, return to to complete enrollment.

Apply Boost Mobile Free Phone in person

In case unable to complete enrolling for the free phone from Boost Mobile online, go ahead and apply in person. Boost Mobile has many physical stores across the country where you can pop in and enroll. Use the Boost Mobile store locator to check the dealer nearest you.

In some of these stores, you can apply for a free phone and get a bonus tablet to use with your service. However, don’t set your hopes too high, as the tablets don’t remain in stock for long even when available.

Show You Qualify for Boost Mobile Free Phone

If lucky to complete your pre-approval of Boost Mobile free phone online, you get redirected to the National Verifier. The National Verifier will run your details to a database of identity and participation in government assistance benefits.

If the National Verifier can’t find your information on the available database, you’ll get a prompt to provide proof documents. The copy of documents you can produce include:

  • Proof of identity: Government-issued ID, passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, or certificate of naturalization/ citizenship. Students without ID or license can use a certificate or court document showing emancipation status.
  • Proof of eligibility: Paystub, Tax return, or statement of income, unemployment/ worker’s compensation, retirement/ pension, social security benefits, and other assistance benefits you are on.
  • Proof of physical address: tax return, utility bill, mortgage/ lease statement, or W-2 statement.

Key Takeaway: Limited to One Per Household

Boost Mobile free phone program with ACP isn’t like other deals from the carrier. In the regular Boost switcher deals, you usually can have multiple free phones for the different lines on your account.

Your other family members can each join the DISH brand and qualify for the free switcher phone deals. But for the free phone deal with ACP, only one person can enroll in a whole household.

If you apply when another person in your household has an active account, National Verifier declines your enrollment. “Household” means people who live in the same house on shared income and expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Boost Mobile give away free Lifeline phones?

No, Boost Mobile does not give away free lifeline phones, as some people claim online. However, the carrier is participating in the ongoing ACP program that brings you a $30 subsidy on monthly service. It’s how you can get the Boost Mobile Unlimited plan (valued at $25/ month) at $0.

Is the Boost Mobile free phone service on Facebook real or a scam?

Yes, the Boost Mobile Free phone service you may see on Facebook is real. Boost is one of the phone providers participating in the ACP program from the government. The program discount is $30/ month, helping cover the whole cost of the $25 Unlimited plan.

What kind of free smartphones does Boost Mobile give you?

The kind of free smartphones Boost Mobile can give you in their switcher deals vary with availability. Like right now they only feature a Samsung Galaxy A23 5G. But at the end of last year, they also had a free iPhone and Motorola phone when you switch.

Is Boost Mobile retiring the T-Mobile phone service?

No, Boost Mobile is not retiring its phone service through the T-Mobile network. I was one of the people who thought they were planning to when DISH made a network deal with AT&T. But DISH and T-Mobile have recently settled their differences, where we see Boost Mobile customers on T-Mobile even having eSIM support.